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Forced /index.php and stripping of www — at Initial Version

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Milestone: 3.0 Priority: high
Severity: major Version: 3.0
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I have been using WP and WPMU with IIS6 and compatibility with mod_rewrite for years. No problem.

Also have been testing out laterst beta1 and today I decided to make a clean install of nightly build of the code.

This are the issues I discovered, divided in three section:

  1. - Single Site

After installing I realized that in the permalinks section I'm forced to use /index.php whick is hardcoded. dd32 explained in the list that this is because I'm not runing IIS7 or Apache. I had to add a filter to remove it. I think most of all this is wrong to force index.php on anybody and this should be removed. I would have to add the filter in all themes for example and there are stil many using IIS6 with some mod_rewrite compatible software.


  1. - Single Site

I also noticed immidiately, that the wite is stripped with "www", which is not that case with 2.9.2 . I don't see why this is done in asible site install at all? I think it is a bug in the single site install.

www.site1.com --> site1.com Work, but should not happen in single site mode.


  1. - Multi Site

After that I installed the network to see what is happening there. Immidiately I see that after setting up new htaccess rules and adding a few lines to config, as I should, and I know how to do, the www is not stripped but gives an 404-error in the browser.

site1.com works!

www.site1.com --> 404-error in the browser. Something is broken. I see in chrome that it redirects me to http://site1.com/wp-signup.php?new=www which gives this 404 error.

I go further creating a site (a new blog), testblog, and even here I see a error:

testblog.site1.com works
www.testblog.site1.com --> This should be stripp with www at least, but instead taking me to the signup-page with "www.testblog" as a new blog suggestion.


So I see something happened the last days, since an install was working just fine, just like current WPMU 2.9.2, but something has changed the whole setup suddenly.

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