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    4747P.P.S. I just tried removing several menu items to see whether any prior menu items come back. They do not. So it sounds like this is data-lossy? Am I wrong? That's no bueno!
     49For now I'm killing my menu system and going with a page containing a hierarchical list of links to the different sectional pages of the tutorial and only listing a few of the top-level pages in he menu structure.
     51But don't take that as a free pass not to fix this issue in a reasonable and robust way. I still want to utilize my menu for easy access to certain of my pages from any page, via the menu system.
     53As we should all well know, people want to find things in as few clicks as possible and will only stay at if a few pages deep. If we can circumvent that transience by including pages in a simple menu system (the menu is only ~3 levels deep & simple to navigate), that's what we'd prefer to do. But if doing that causes some inexcusable nuking of a large portion of the menu structure in a lossy way (that is, the lost items DON'T come back after deleting the newer menu items), that's no bueno and needs to be fixed. Period.