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new function - wp_get_sites($args) — at Initial Version

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With the deprication of get_blog_list (and the dire warnings), we had a need for a function to retrieve a list of blogs. At first blush, it appears that one could use get_blogs_of_user. It seems to assume that the same admin (userid 1) is going to create all sites. If you have multiple network_admins, then a search for a single user's sites won't return a full list.

So I have adapted the code from wp-admin/ms-sites.php and with a nod to wp_list_pages - am submitting wp_get_sites for a future release.

This function accepts an argument list to filter the results, modify the order, and limit the range of results. I wrote it with an eye to provide an interface consistent with other wp functions, as well as potentially replacing the sql query in wp-admin/ms-sites.php.

The initial set of arguments include:

'include_id' , includes only these sites in the results, comma-delimited
'exclude_id' ,
excludes these sites from the results, comma-delimted
'blogname_like' , domain or path is like this value
'ip_like' ,
Match IP address
'reg_date_since' , sites registered since (accepts pretty much any valid date like tomorrow, today, 5/12/2009, etc.)
'reg_date_before' ,
sites registered before
'include_user_id' , only sites owned by these users, comma-delimited
'exclude_user_id' ,
don't include sites owned by these users, comma-delimited
'include_spam' => false, Include sites marked as "spam"
'include_deleted' => false,
Include deleted sites
'include_archived' => false, Include archived sites
'include_mature' => false,
Included blogs marked as mature
'public_only' => true, Include only blogs marked as public
'sort_column' => 'registered',
or registered, last_updated, blogname, site_id
'order' => 'asc', or desc
'limit_results' ,
return this many results
'start' , return results starting with this item

The usual warning are provided. It works for me but I haven't tested it completely yet. But I am assuming this could be helpful to others and I have no doubt about getting comments back <grin>

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