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    1 Do we think about adding a local avatar the same as uploading file?  Perhaps the better path would be to separate avatar modification from piggy-backing on file uploading.
    3 Because a large majority of users who could have this capability would be Subscribers, permissions to use this feature could be gated by users who are logged in (to be Subscriber inclusive) or users who have upload_files capability. Of course, a new capability would probably be a better path, but I know new capabilities in multi-site could be problematic, and if this is the proper path, by default, this capability is not enabled/added to roles.  Settings for this feature is where/when the capability is added to the role.
    5 I think having the capability for local avatars presents an issue of how many images will be in the media library.  I see possibly two paths to this:
    7 First option, avatars are uploaded to the current media library like a normal file, tagged as an avatar but not displayed by default until a user clicks on an Avatar filter, which then only shows avatars.  This would help prevent users who are looking for media to insert into posts, etc from being overloaded with a constant ever changing number of unrelated images being uploaded.
    9 Second option, create a new Avatar Library that sits within the **wp-content/** folder.  Replicates how the uploads folder works with year/month.
    11 I think when avatars are uploaded, they can either use the filename of the avatar that was uploaded, similar to how the current media library works, but I'm think that there should be a unique hash created for the image file name.  This would eliminate people using filenames that the admin may prefer not be used and prevent people from trying to mass view/download other avatars.
    13 There should probably be a way for Admins (or delegated levels with a capability) to be able to review avatars easily.  With a separate media library for just avatars, when an avatar is uploaded, its natural state is "unreviewed."  An admin could then click on a filter and view all unreviewed avatars.  An option on the dropdown could be "Mark Reviewed" for any checked (or user selected all).  Then meta for those images gets updated.
    15 Users should only have one avatar file at any given time.  So if a user uploads a new file, the old one is deleted.  If we're using hashed file names, a new file would have a new hashed name.
    17 Wondered also if there should be the ability to allow a user to import their Gravatar to a local avatar, the one main reason I can think of is if a user wants that image on this site but then updates their Gravatar for other sites.
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