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    77I don't mind the idea of adding a "help" icon that would provide tips, or some contextual help on the General settings page that talks about good favicons, but it seems to me that it's out of scope for us to include training about how to make your site look good inline or onboard. Otherwise one could argue that we get into a slippery slope where we're now advising on content, so should we also provide tips on how to make a good masthead or background image, or write a good post title?
     9I believe that for the 80% we give them the ability to upload anything. Worst case scenario, they have a custom ugly favicon instead of the default ugly favicon; more likely they will have a mediocre custom favicon of their face, or their kid, or their logo. If they're smart, they'll take the text out of their logo and just use the icon.
     11And for the 20%, let's make sure that if we do get an icon in 16x16 or 32x32, or if it's already in ico format, it doesn't get interpolated or otherwise mutilated. So designers can do it themselves with their Photoshop ICO plugin, or some online service.