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#17609 closed defect (bug) (fixed)

'View post' link shown even when post type can't be viewed on the front-end

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Milestone: 4.4 Priority: normal
Severity: normal Version: 2.9
Component: Posts, Post Types Keywords: has-patch
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Description (last modified by scribu)

I have registered a CPT that's not meant to be displayed on the front-end:

        'public' => false,
        'show_ui' => true,

If I create such a post in the admin area, I still see the 'View post' link after saving and the 'Preview changes' button.

Both send me to the same URL, which gives a 404:


Related: #17040

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17609.diff (4.1 KB) - added by mfields 4 years ago.
17609-new-strings.diff (1.2 KB) - added by mfields 4 years ago.
meta-boxes.php.diff (833 bytes) - added by intoxstudio 4 years ago.
17609-combo.diff (4.6 KB) - added by jmslbam 3 years ago.
class-wp-posts-list-table.patch (1.0 KB) - added by jfarthing84 2 years ago.
17609.2.diff (1.9 KB) - added by theaussiepea 2 years ago.
17609.patch (551 bytes) - added by tyxla 11 days ago.
If the post type is not publicly queryable, display the "Post Updated" / "Page Updated" message instead of the ones with "View" links.
17609.3.diff (5.1 KB) - added by wonderboymusic 9 days ago.
17609.4.diff (5.5 KB) - added by DrewAPicture 9 days ago.

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comment:1 @scribu4 years ago

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@mfields4 years ago

comment:2 @mfields4 years ago

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I verified this while running trunk with my own custom post type. I've put together a patch which works well for me. This solution should work for all post_types. it will only print links to the front-end if the post type is "publicly queryable".

In hindsight, I think that the patch may do too much. I've also added code to dynamically populate the nouns in each message where appropriate. Instead of hardcoding "Post" it will use the singular label from the post_types labels array. This deviates a bit from the scope of this ticket. I thought that while I was in there I might as well address these issues too.

Definitely needs testing.

comment:3 @dd324 years ago

Instead of hardcoding "Post" it will use the singular label from the post_types labels array. This deviates a bit from the scope of this ticket.

It also causes translation problems unfortunately, In quite a lot of languages you can't simply slot a "object label" into a generic string - In English this is no problem, but when you start to deal with feminine/mascular/cultural words, 'Page' and 'Post' require the strings around them to be translated differently.

If a plugin/theme wishes for their Messages to be translated, they should instead use the 'post_updated_messages' filter, as shown in the 2nd half of the example here: Function_Reference/register_post_type#Example

Given the above, The View Post link can already be removed by the plugin since they can modify their strings already.. I like the suggestion of using a placeholder for the "actions" attached, but this would also cause problems for those using the filter and expecting it to be a url (rather than an actual HTML link)

@mfields4 years ago

comment:4 @mfields4 years ago

Thanks for the detailed overview of some of the concerns with the first patch. Translation is definitely a topic that I can do to learn a lot more about. I have a second patch to offer for consideration (17609-new-strings.diff). This time, I stuck only to the topic of the ticket. Instead of modifying strings, I have introduced similar strings that will get used only when a custom post_type has not provided messages via the 'post_updated_messages' filter and the post_type is not publicly queryable.

comment:5 @dgwyer4 years ago

Having the same problem. I can change the 'View Post', and 'Updated Post' phrases via the 'post_updated_messages' filter.

But the 'Preview' and 'Preview Changes' button in the Publish meta box seems hard coded in /wp-admin/includes/meta-boxes.php on line 51. The only way to remove this currently is via jQuery after the page has loaded?

Wouldn't it be sufficient to just add another filter to the Publish meta box so that you could modify the 'Preview' and 'Preview Change' buttons etc?

comment:6 @tamlyn4 years ago

mfields' patch looks good to me. Any chance of getting this fixed in core?

comment:7 @tamlyn4 years ago

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comment:9 @scribu4 years ago

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comment:10 @nacin4 years ago

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@intoxstudio4 years ago

comment:11 @intoxstudio4 years ago

I thought I'd searched for related tickets before I created one, but obviously I didn't do it well. Sorry about that.

I've had some thoughts since I made my ticket and read this one: Is there a reason why some post-related labels are stored in the post object while others aren't? (current labels vs. updated message labels)

Also, while the messages can be overwritten with a filter, the preview button cannot be removed without fiddling with some css (or js as already mentioned) which is not a proper solution I think.

comment:12 @markoheijnen3 years ago

  • Cc marko@… added

Any changes this get in 3.4? I'm fine with the patch of intoxstudio only since that is the real problem.
The messages can be changed with the filter. Something what everyone probably should do.

comment:13 @scribu3 years ago

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comment:14 @husobj3 years ago

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comment:15 @nacin3 years ago

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When the post is published and there is no draft/pending button, there is some extra space in the publish box: http://cl.ly/161h1K29331V3I3Q1T21

This space is made due to the hidden draft-ajax-loading spinner. It uses visibility: hidden, as normally it should maintain its space.

What we'd need to do is calculate for when there is no button and at that point choose not to show the spinner either.

Regardless, the existing patch is better than what we have now.

comment:16 @nacin3 years ago

In [20667]:

Don't show the 'Preview Changes' button for a non-public post type. props intoxstudio, see #17609.

comment:17 @nacin3 years ago

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comment:18 @sc0ttkclark3 years ago

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I was a sad panda when I saw this issue come up in my testing, sad panda.

comment:19 @SergeyBiryukov3 years ago

#22398 was marked as a duplicate.

@jmslbam3 years ago

comment:20 @jmslbam3 years ago

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So I took the liberty of merging the two diffs of mfields so the current translations that are using the filter and expecting it to be a url (rather than an actual HTML link) like dd32 pointed out.

I really takes out the hassle of defining custom update messages just to have it say 'Book published'

comment:21 @scribu3 years ago

@jmslbam: Please re-read dd32's comment: http://core.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/17609#comment:3

Version 0, edited 3 years ago by scribu (next)

comment:22 @scribu3 years ago

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Actually, this ticket was fixed with [20667], so get off my lawn and please open a new ticket for dealing with update messages.

comment:23 @Jesper8003 years ago

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This is actually not fixed. Viewing the fix, http://core.trac.wordpress.org/changeset/20667, you can see that it only checks for the "public" property of a post type. When a post type is public but not publicly queryable (public true, publicly_queryable false) posts of the post type are not available by default on the frontend, so the link should not be shown, but currently, they are.

A problem with this is that pages are not publicly queryable, as they are handled separately. What would be a good way to actually check whether a post is available on the frontend?

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comment:24 @Jesper8003 years ago

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comment:25 @SergeyBiryukov3 years ago

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comment:26 @johnbillion3 years ago

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comment:27 @DrewAPicture2 years ago

#23814 was marked as a duplicate.

comment:28 @netweblogic2 years ago

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comment:29 @Daedalon2 years ago

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comment:30 @alex-ye2 years ago

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comment:31 @MikeHansenMe2 years ago

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comment:32 @toscho2 years ago

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comment:33 @jfarthing842 years ago

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Maybe I'm missing something, but this is a pretty simply fix of just checking publicly_queryable instead of public.

This also applies to a ticket I was going to create, but is actually closely related with this. That is, a View link is shown on the edit.php page even when a post type is not publicly_queryable, because yet again, the code checks public instead.

comment:34 @jfarthing842 years ago

For the record, this can be worked around by setting public to false, and then explicity setting show_ui to true, as well as all of the parameters that inherit from public. However, this shouldn't have to be done.

comment:35 @bungeshea2 years ago

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comment:37 @theaussiepea2 years ago

Confirming that


Removes the "View" option for each post in wp-posts-lists for custom posts. However, the permalink editing for the edit single post page (wp-admin/post.php) is still visible.

So I added to the patch so permalink editing does not appear in the edit single post page for custom post types that have 'publicly_queryable' set to false.

It seems to make sense to use 'publicly_queryable' instead of 'public' since 'publicly_queryable', in our testing, is what controls whether you can see the post at the specified permalink url. (After talking to Nacin, this is more complicated, so more work is needed)

Props to leogermani and ancawonka for their help!

@theaussiepea2 years ago

comment:38 @johnbillion12 months ago

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  • Version set to 2.9

comment:39 @johnbillion12 months ago

#29375 was marked as a duplicate.

comment:40 @johnbillion12 months ago

It seems that the publicly_queryable argument has an identity crisis. What purpose does it serve to set this to a value which is different to that of public? Setting publicly_queryable to the opposite of public always results in broken behaviour. Example:

register_post_type( 'test', array(
	'show_ui'            => true,
	'public'             => true,
	'publicly_queryable' => false,
) );

The above code results in a post type with 'View' links throughout the admin area which, when clicked, result in a 404 because the post type is not publicly queryable.

register_post_type( 'test', array(
	'show_ui'            => true,
	'public'             => false,
	'publicly_queryable' => true,
) );

Conversely, the above code results in a post type without any 'View' links in the admin area, but a post type which is publicly queryable and which can be linked to.

What is the use case for ever setting publicly_queryable to the opposite of public?

In addition, the publicly_queryable argument for the Page post type is set to false, yet Pages are indeed publicly queryable. Has the purpose of this argument become confused?

Last edited 12 months ago by johnbillion (previous) (diff)

comment:41 @husobj12 months ago

Just to throw this use-case into the mix as it's something I already do... just something to consider.

I have a custom post type which is not publicly queryable.
The post type is used to automatically add content to a 'pages' specified by the parent_id.

So I use link filters to customise the URLs for my non-public post type to link to the public parent page, which means my preview links link to the 'page' where my custom post type is used.

Would be good if whichever method is used to fix this includes a filter so that it is still possible to include a preview link even if publicly_queryable is set to false.

comment:42 @slackbot4 months ago

This ticket was mentioned in Slack in #accessibility by sergeybiryukov. View the logs.

comment:43 @SergeyBiryukov4 months ago

#32271 was marked as a duplicate.

comment:44 @johnbillion4 months ago

#32379 was marked as a duplicate.

@tyxla11 days ago

If the post type is not publicly queryable, display the "Post Updated" / "Page Updated" message instead of the ones with "View" links.

comment:45 @tyxla11 days ago

I think this one would have the least impact if we do the change I suggested in https://core.trac.wordpress.org/attachment/ticket/17609/17609.patch

In this patch, if the post/page is not publicly queryable instead of the messages that contain links, we use the simple Post Updated / Page Updated message (without "View" links).

comment:46 @wonderboymusic11 days ago

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@wonderboymusic9 days ago

comment:47 @wonderboymusic9 days ago

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I think 17609.3.diff handles this well and rewrites the way messages are composed (an improvement IMHO)

publicly_queryable means something different for _builtin types. To determine if a post type is viewable, we should do this check:

$post_type->publicly_queryable || ( $post_type->_builtin && $post_type->public )

This handles every case well in my testing. To test, make a custom post type like so:

add_action( 'init', function () {
	register_post_type( 'tacos', [
		'public' => true,
		'publicly_queryable' => false,
		'labels' => [
			'name' => 'Tacos'
	] );
} );

@DrewAPicture9 days ago

comment:48 @DrewAPicture9 days ago

17609.4.diff adds some sanity in formatting to that ternary/sprintf block, and adds complete docs for is_post_type_viewable().

comment:49 @wonderboymusic9 days ago

In 33666:

Custom Post Types:

  • Introduce is_post_type_viewable( $post_type_object )
  • Separate the HTML bits from the translatable bits in the post messages array in edit-form-advanced.php
  • Don't show certain UI pieces when a post is not viewable on the front end

When a custom post type item is not viewable on the front end, we don't want to show links to View it (on the front end) all over the admin. We also want to hide the Preview link, et al. We also want our admin messages to not contain said links.

Custom post types with public_queryable set to false are not viewable on the front end.
'page' is viewable on the front end, but 'page' is a _builtin type, and public_queryable is set to false when it is registered - see WP::parse_request() for when public_queryable gets used.

This is confusing, but also somewhat straightforward: to determine if a post type is viewable on the front end, we can check one way for _builtin => true and another way for _builtin => false:

$post_type->publicly_queryable || ( $post_type->_builtin && $post_type->public )

If a post type is publicly_queryable, it's viewable. If that value is false, it is viewable if it's a _builtin type that is also public.

I am in search of edge cases, so this shall land.

Props wonderboymusic, DrewAPicture.
See #17609.

comment:50 @wonderboymusic9 days ago

In 33672:

After [33666], fix broken sprintf cruff.

See #17609.

comment:51 @wonderboymusic8 days ago

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