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#19521 closed defect (bug)

wp_get_current_user() no longer returns object containing first_name and last_name properties — at Initial Version

Reported by: beautomated Owned by:
Milestone: Priority: normal
Severity: major Version: 3.3
Component: Users Keywords:
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When running wp_get_current_user() in v3.2 I get a 'data' property that contains the 'first_name' and 'last_name' properties. In 3.3 these properties no longer exist.

Here's what I get in 3.3 RC3: object(WP_User)#210 (7) {

data?=> object(stdClass)#212 (10) {

ID?=> string(1) "2" user_login?=> string(4) "sean" user_pass?=> string(34) "$P$BlPvNE5m5xHprS1I0aPW5msjw/KLMy0" user_nicename?=> string(4) "sean" user_email?=> string(20) "sean@…" user_url?=> string(26) "http://www.beautomated.com" user_registered?=> string(19) "2011-10-22 00:21:00" user_activation_key?=> string(0) "" user_status?=> string(1) "0" display_name?=> string(4) "sean"

} ID?=> int(2) caps?=> array(1) {

administrator?=> string(1) "1"

} cap_key?=> string(15) "wp_capabilities" roles?=> array(1) {

[0]=> string(13) "administrator"

} allcaps?=> array(63) {

switch_themes?=> bool(true) edit_themes?=> bool(true) activate_plugins?=> bool(true) edit_plugins?=> bool(true) edit_users?=> bool(true) edit_files?=> bool(true) manage_options?=> bool(true) moderate_comments?=> bool(true) manage_categories?=> bool(true) manage_links?=> bool(true) upload_files?=> bool(true) import?=> bool(true) unfiltered_html?=> bool(true) edit_posts?=> bool(true) edit_others_posts?=> bool(true) edit_published_posts?=> bool(true) publish_posts?=> bool(true) edit_pages?=> bool(true) read?=> bool(true) level_10?=> bool(true) level_9?=> bool(true) level_8?=> bool(true) level_7?=> bool(true) level_6?=> bool(true) level_5?=> bool(true) level_4?=> bool(true) level_3?=> bool(true) level_2?=> bool(true) level_1?=> bool(true) level_0?=> bool(true) edit_others_pages?=> bool(true) edit_published_pages?=> bool(true) publish_pages?=> bool(true) delete_pages?=> bool(true) delete_others_pages?=> bool(true) delete_published_pages?=> bool(true) delete_posts?=> bool(true) delete_others_posts?=> bool(true) delete_published_posts?=> bool(true) delete_private_posts?=> bool(true) edit_private_posts?=> bool(true) read_private_posts?=> bool(true) delete_private_pages?=> bool(true) edit_private_pages?=> bool(true) read_private_pages?=> bool(true) delete_users?=> bool(true) create_users?=> bool(true) unfiltered_upload?=> bool(true) edit_dashboard?=> bool(true) update_plugins?=> bool(true) delete_plugins?=> bool(true) install_plugins?=> bool(true) update_themes?=> bool(true) install_themes?=> bool(true) update_core?=> bool(true) list_users?=> bool(true) remove_users?=> bool(true) add_users?=> bool(true) promote_users?=> bool(true) edit_theme_options?=> bool(true) delete_themes?=> bool(true) export?=> bool(true) administrator?=> string(1) "1"

} filter?=> NULL


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