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    initial v3  
    1 A little JS patch that will help the admin menu and the admin bar menus operate properly in mobile devices.
     1Currently, on Windows Phone 7/7.5, the Toolbar Dropdown menus are non-functional (as there is no ontouchstart functionality in the browser) and the admin flyout menus are also entirely non-functional.  This translates roughly to ... there is no way to actually log out of WordPress!  (as logout is in the user dropdown menu)
    3 I've probably put some things in the wrong places, and I know nacin/koopersmith sounded like there was another optimization in the JS they'd like to see (''koopersmith: we should bind two handlers when a menu is open. one to stop event propagation any time the #adminmenu is clicked, the other to close the menu any time the body is clicked''), but I couldn't seem to wrap my head around it, so I'm tapping out to let someone else put the last bit of spit and polish on it.
     3iOS has some built in :hover faking code, but we should also make the admin menu flyouts more accessible and usable on Android -- where you have to touch and hold to activate the flyout/dropdown, and then slide your finger off to not trigger the actual link.