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    33mt_Suzette: Wouldn't be helpful to point /encourage people to contribute somewhere in WordPress itself? Like in the dashboard? or welcome screen?
    45[1:55pm] Siobhan: I think there is something on the welcome screen
    57[1:56pm] Siobhan: Maybe a Contribute link on the menu with the WordPress logo in the admin bar. That's probably one for the community group tho
    69[1:57pm] DrewAPicture: That would be awesome
    711[1:57pm] mt_Suzette: I looked on the Welcome Screen, I didn't see anything about how to get started contributing, just a link of where to start
    813[1:57pm] mt_Suzette: (using WordPress)
    915[1:57pm] Siobhan: hrm
    1017[1:57pm] Siobhan: Maybe raise a ticket on Trac? Make the suggestion?
    1119[1:58pm] DrewAPicture: It might be on credits page?
    1221[1:58pm] DrewAPicture: At the bottom of the credits tab: Want to see your name in lights on this page? Get involved in WordPress.
    1323[1:58pm] DrewAPicture: Links to http://codex.wordpress.org/Contributing_to_WordPress
    1425[1:59pm] Siobhan: The problem with that is, the credits tab is just core folks
    1527[1:59pm] Siobhan: And we don't want to indicate that people can get there by contributing to any area
    1629[2:01pm] mt_Suzette: I couldn't find the credits page, but I have seen it before
    1731[2:02pm] Siobhan: I can't find it either
    1833[2:03pm] JerrySarcastic: from the dashboard, click on the WordPress icon>About WordPress and then click on the tab Credits
    1935[2:04pm] JerrySarcastic: Easy, am I right?
    2037[2:04pm] Siobhan: are you ever wrong?
    2139[2:04pm] JerrySarcastic: Ask my lady...
    2241[2:04pm] mt_Suzette: Yes, I see it now, but that seems rather hidden
    2343[2:05pm] JerrySarcastic: That's an understatement. 
    2445[2:05pm] DrewAPicture: I like the idea of a make.wordpress.org link in the W dropdown though.
    2547[2:05pm] DrewAPicture: Especially if we get a makeover on that page
    2649[2:05pm] Siobhan: yeah, that would be nice
    2751[2:05pm] JerrySarcastic: Esp. if it says something simple, like "Contribute" in teh dropdown
    2853[2:06pm] Siobhan: Alright - that's something we can all approve of
    2955[2:06pm] Siobhan: Someone open a ticket on trace?
    3057[2:06pm] Siobhan: ^trac