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3.6-Nav Menus Tracking Ticket — at Version 18

Reported by: DrewAPicture Owned by: lessbloat
Milestone: 3.6 Priority: normal
Severity: normal Version: 3.6
Component: Menus Keywords: 3.6-menus
Focuses: Cc:

Description (last modified by DrewAPicture)

This ticket is for tracking any tickets related to the 3.6 Nav Menus Refresh action item.

The mammoth ticket that was formerly our home (#23119) has been closed as fixed and any further related tickets should be added here.

  • #23119 - The original 3.6-menus ticket. Substantial changes to the UI were commited via [23441] and [23453].

Other 3.6-menus tickets:

  • #23449 - Refactor the Customizer accordion to be reusable elsewhere in core.
  • #23450 - Refactor menu item meta boxes into an accordion via #23449
  • #14045 - Give the menus page an accessibility mode (like widgets)
  • #23608 - 3.6-Menus Help Text changes
  • #23610 - Relocate the 'Delete Menu' link on the Menus screen
  • #23641 - Tweaks to menu management box
  • #23645 - RTL fixes for Nav Menu UI refresh
  • #23714 - Remove menus message slide down effect
  • #23716 - Discuss theme locations as meta box vs checkboxes

Other tickets for consideration:

  • #23508 - get_nav_menu_locations() should always return an array

If there are others that were missed, post a comment and we'll add them to the list.

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  • #23608 for 3.6-Menus Help Text changes
  • #23610 for relocating the 'Delete Menu' link on the Menus screen

comment:5 @bobbravo23 years ago

Here it is in IE7: http://cl.ly/image/0a0v1D0h2E0P All JS Functions properly (tested w/ script debug against 3.6-alpha-23451)

comment:6 @lessbloat3 years ago

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comment:7 @jkudish3 years ago

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comment:8 @Viper007Bond3 years ago

More UI hooks please! #18584

I currently have to resort to using JavaScript to add a checkbox to the menu UI: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/add-descendants-as-submenu-items/

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Added #23645 for RTL fixes

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Added #18584 - Nav Menu UI needs more hooks

comment:13 @alex-ye3 years ago

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Removed (Future Release):

  • #16075 - Add post type archives support to menus

comment:15 @DrewAPicture3 years ago

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  • #18584 - Nav Menu UI needs more hooks (it's still very much up in the air due to #14134)

comment:16 follow-up: @anointed3 years ago

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Run into a situation where we are using multiple themes on a single website. Basically each page can be assigned a custom theme.

The issue I have run into is the only way to assign a menu to a new page with a 'custom theme' for that page, is to temporarily activate the new theme on the website, assign the menu to its location, and then reactivate the original theme.

While this works, it obviously disrupts the entire system as I have to change the active theme for the site to make this change.

I spent a bit of time looking, but I do not see anywhere that I can hook into to define the theme that I am working with on the menu admin page.

As this is an unusual situation, I don't expect a lot of traction, but one thing that does come up A LOT is people hating that they loose their menu locations when changing themes. It might be nice to have the option of selecting a theme to apply the menus to in this new revamp or at least a hook, else I am afraid it could be a very long time before this would ever be addressed again.

comment:17 in reply to: ↑ 16 @DrewAPicture3 years ago

Replying to anointed:

As this is an unusual situation, I don't expect a lot of traction ...<snip>

You're correct, that's pretty edge. I suggest you take a look at #18584 as it's more in-line with proposing additional hooks on the menu screen(s).

comment:18 @DrewAPicture3 years ago

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  • #23714 - Remove menus message slide down effect
  • #23716 - Discuss theme locations as meta box vs checkboxes
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