id,summary,reporter,owner,description,type,status,priority,milestone,component,version,severity,resolution,keywords,cc,focuses 25863,Core not working when served as application/xhtml+xml,pnutus,,"All pages in Core has the following first lines: {{{ > }}} The Doctype implies HTML5, but the {{{xmlns}}} attribute implies XHTML. The server I'm deploying on is interpreting the file as XHTML and serving it as {{{application/xhtml+xml}}}. Some Core pages contain named entities such as {{{ }}}, which do not work when the page is served as {{{application/xhtml+xml}}} (at least not in WebKit/Blink browsers). What is the point of the {{{xmlns}}} attribute, as it is deprecated in HTML5? Should we remove it? Or change the named entities to numeric? related: #13341 #9030",defect (bug),new,normal,,General,3.3,normal,,has-patch,,template