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    33Well, the CEUX plugin does look great but it is different that what I am suggesting. What I propose is that theme authors could create page templates in a way that would utilize different content blocks that were registered similarly to the way a widget area or customizer options are created. What the CEUX plugin proposes is similar to some of the other content block editors that are on the market. (or at least seems that way to me.) Both ideas seem useful to me but for different reasons.
     5CEUX seems focused on allowing the content editor add blocks as they need where I propose that those decisions be made by the theme developer. As it now stands, CEUX offers little that can't be accomplished in tinymce, though there could be options for more complex formatting and "art directing" posts. This is a different focus from theme developers delineating what type of content is needed and how it should be input... wysiwyg, checkboxes, selects, uploads, date pickers, etc.
     7Of course what I am proposing can be handled by a theme dev using metadata and metaboxes but I think that there might be value in upgrading some of this data from meta to actual content and might be able to provide some sort of fall back solution when simply using the_content to retrieve, well, the content.