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    55I think this is the best way to do it. And I mean the best for everyone: The WordPress application, brand, community, plugin and theme developers and lastly end users. Users just click the ''update now'' link the way they are used to and it all magically works as it currently does.
    7 '''Workaround 1'''
     7'''Workaround 1''' -- bad
    88Tell the end user that '''before updating''' they have to backup their files themselves.
    99~~This could be done with an upgrade notice.~~ I just saw an upgrade notice from another plugin. It's clear that's not viable for this workaround. Even if it was more prominent, it's not guaranteed to work. Users don't read, neither when they are forced to, unless the message is very short, very prominent and unavoidable.
    1010* ~~How can I test an upgrade notice for my yet to be released new plugin version?~~
    12 '''Workaround 2'''
     12'''Workaround 2''' -- worse
    1313Make the ''update now'' link '''unavailable''' altogether. This would force the user to update manually and ask themselves about why it was not possible to update automatically, which in the end should make them read the update instructions, and then I could have a bad surrogate of Workaround 1.
    1414* How can I make this check true?
    16 '''Workaround 3'''
     16'''Workaround 3''' -- worst
    1717Put the new version in a '''different directory'''. This is possible but would make the update pointless. It would be a completely new plugin. It's really a bad workaround, IMO. Unless there is a way to preserve the identity of the plugin, but I doubt it.