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    11Here is the scenario that I have currently and what led me to enter the bug.  We have a client who wanted a password protected area that allowed registered users the ability to edit their profile information from the website as opposed to logging into Wordpress and doing it there.  There are some custom meta fields that are associated with the user accounts and one of them is something like a profile for the user.  They wanted the user to be able to have a WYSIWYG editor that allowed them to update this field.  Currently, we have embedded the Wordpress editor on a password protected area of the site that allows them to update this field as if they were inside the Wordpress admin area.  All of that works fine.  The client came back at the end of the project and wanted the users to also be able to upload images to embed in the post.  This is where I ran into the issue I reported above.  Each user that can do this is in a custom defined role.  That custom defined role has the edit_posts capability so in theory they should be able to upload the image to the post, etc.  However, whenever I tried to do so, I received an error about not being able to attach files to the post.  This led me to track down where this message was being triggered from which I believe is from ajax_actions.php.  Once I made the change to the ajax_actions.php file to be edit_posts, the functionality worked as expected. 
     3This was occurring prior to 4.1 as well.