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    55I propose that the UI for selecting an item to add a nav menu item should be extended with a button to add a new instance of the item type right there in the Customizer. If wanting to add a new page, then an editor overlay can appear over the preview which allows the user to supply the standard post/page fields such as the title and content via a TinyMCE editor (also allowing the setting of the featured image and page template would be useful, since these cannot be previewed via Post Preview either). This could serve as a first step toward a full post editor experience in the Customizer in a UI similar to [https://developer.wordpress.com/2015/11/23/the-story-behind-the-new-wordpress-com/ Calypso] on WordPress.com, but starting with just the title and content we can get our feet wet. Perhaps we could even fully re-use the [https://github.com/Automattic/wp-calypso/tree/master/client/post-editor post-editor] in Calypso.
    7 '''Notes:'''
     7'''☞ Nota bene:'''
    99* I am not suggesting to add a post editor to the Customizer narrow pane, due to lack of space.
    1010* Nothing would be removed from the post editor in the WP admin.
    1111* The WP admin editor is where all of the plugin metaboxes would be accessible.
    12 * Upon a new post in the Customizer, the user can be provided links to continue editing the newly added posts in the WP admin to flesh out the basic content they added in the Customizer.
     12* Upon Save & Publish, the user can be provided edit post links to continue editing the newly added posts/pages in the WP admin to flesh out the basic content they added in the Customizer.
    1414If adding a page in the Customizer via a nav menu item, it could also default the `post_parent` and `menu_order` to correspond to the location of the nav menu item when possible so that the page hierarchy could roughly correspond to the nav menu item hierarchy.