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    1 Replying to [comment:6 jdgrimes]:
    2 > I have been thinking about something like this for a while now. What I was thinking though was that rather than the user manually testing, each plugin would just include a suite of tests that WordPress would run automatically in the background each time it detected a new update. So the update would be hidden if it wasn't compatible, or the user would be given a warning message if they attempted to update. If the tests passed, the user would just see the update as they normally do and just has to click update to install.
    3 >
    4 > However, until plugins adopted this and started shipping automated tests with the source, manually checking by the user would still be necessary, I guess.
    6 My company [] has been doing automated update testing for up to thousands of wordpress sites for the last 2 years very succesfully. Automated updates are definitely the way of the future. The key to making them possible is using sandboxed environments, which only the best hosting providers have. Even less have testing tools like PhantomJS or testing suites available.
    8 I would like to bring a sandboxing feature to WordPress core, so we could have non-hosting providers do the automated testing side of things as a service for even the cheapest hosts (on which still the majority of WordPress sites run). Acceptance update testing for WordPress could well be the next big business opportunity.
    10 However, as is, the sandbox feature shown possible in the WP Safe Updates plugin would be immensely useful for those sites that don't have access to on-demand staging environments.
    12 > If you start working on a feature project @Zuige, let me know. I'd be interested in participating. I think automatic update verification is the future of the web.
    14 Please do participate. The development of this feature plugin is and always will be open source. Your contribution would be more than welcome!
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