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#37698 new defect (bug)

wp_kses_split global variable pollution

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In r10339, wp_kses_split was modified so it doesn't longer require the preg_replace with the e (eval) modifier. This implementation uses globals to pass the values of $allowed_html and $allowed_protocols to the _wp_kses_split_callback function.
While in most cases this isn't really a problem, we noticed that a call to wp_kses_split (via a filter) from within _wp_kses_split_callback may have undesirable effects on the next replacements.
The snippet below illustrates this problem, you can see in action in https://3v4l.org/YmYTZ


function wp_kses_split( $string, $allowed_html, $allowed_protocols ) {
    global $pass_allowed_html, $pass_allowed_protocols;
    $pass_allowed_html = $allowed_html;
    $pass_allowed_protocols = $allowed_protocols;
    return preg_replace_callback( '%((<!--.*?(-->|$))|(<[^>]*(>|$)|>))%', '_wp_kses_split_callback', $string );
function _wp_kses_split_callback( $match ) {
    global $pass_allowed_html, $pass_allowed_protocols;
    return wp_kses_split2( $match[1], $pass_allowed_html, $pass_allowed_protocols );

function wp_kses_split2($string, $allowed_html, $allowed_protocols) {
    wp_kses_split('', array(), array()); // this overrides the globals.
    print_r( array( $allowed_html, $allowed_protocols ) );

wp_kses_split("<a style='color: red;'>I link this</a>", array('a'=>array( 'style' => array() )), array('http') );

One way to fix this would be to use an anonymous function, but I guess that's only available on PHP >= 5.3. Another way is to encapsulate the callback in a class and tie the arguments to an instance of this class.

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