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    • Property Summary changed from Customize: Ensure auto-draft deletion gets scheduled to Deletion of auto-drafts and trashed posts never gets scheduled unless user accesses admin pages
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    initial v2  
    1212This logic should be added to `WP_Customize_Manager` as well so that these starter content auto-draft posts will get garbage collected (as well as the unpublished `customize_changeset` posts themselves) will get garbage-collected in the rare case where a user never goes to `post-new.php` on a given install. A user never visiting `post-new.php` is entirely possible if the user does all of their site management in the customizer or via the REST API.
     14What's more is that the scheduling of trash deletion is also dependent on the user first accessing the admin, as `wp-admin/admin.php` contains:
     18// Schedule trash collection
     19if ( ! wp_next_scheduled( 'wp_scheduled_delete' ) && ! wp_installing() )
     20        wp_schedule_event(time(), 'daily', 'wp_scheduled_delete');
     23So as such, this is also a concern for purely headless WP installs that make use of the REST API exclusively. If a site gets installed headlessly (e.g. via WP-CLI) and the admin is never accessed, then neither trashed posts nor auto-draft posts will never get deleted because they are never scheduled.