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    11Requests supports this out of the box. We shouldn't make something that is an option in Requests impossible to use without extending the `WP_Http` class and overriding its `request()` method. Again, all we have here are a bunch of opinions about disliking HTTP `GET`requests being made with a data payload. If you dislike it, then obviously don't do it. The patch I submitted simply makes it possible to use an option which is already supported in the Requests library. '''It does not change the default behavior of the WP HTTP API in any way.'''
     3  Opening this up in WordPress however would seem to do more to legitimize this behavior
     5This "behavior" is already legitimate and it will be until such time the HTTP spec says otherwise.
     7   when it's very much at risk of breaking things for people in subtle and hard-to-debug ways (such as the mentioned issue with proxies stripping out this data) and it's very non-standard.
     9Again, nothing is changing with the default behavior of the WP HTTP API. There is no risk of breaking anything. I hate to say it but your remark is nothing more than FUD.