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    initial v8  
    55I assume this has been in since whatever version added sortable metaboxes.
     8This issue was brought to light again through the WPCampus-report when it was discovered that the weight of the edit image attributes was not able to be ordered. This is true for all forms of meta boxes so I’m adding in the details from the specific Edit Image context to highlight the accessibility importance of this issue:
     10Moved from the WPCampus accessibility report issues on GitHub, see https://github.com/WordPress/gutenberg/issues/15316
     14Affected Populations:
     16Motor Impaired
     18All / Universal
     19Components affected:
     20Edit Media
     21Issue description
     22The Edit Media interface* includes the ability to re-arrange the boxes by
     23drag and drop, however this can only be achieved by mouse users, since
     24the functionality does not support touch or keyboard users.
     26Users of touchscreens and keyboards cannot re-order the boxes. Speech
     27recognition users may be able to if they can manipulate the mouse with
     28speech (such as using Mouse Move), however this is onerous and
     31Remediation Guidance
     32Allow keyboard and touchscreen users the ability to re-arrange the
     33boxes. This can either be done with dedicated buttons, such as are used
     34within Gutenberg for moving Blocks; or it could be done by extending
     35drag and drop support to keyboard and touch users (a good example of
     36which is dragondrop: https://schne324.github.io/dragon-drop/demo/).
     38Relevant standards
     402.1.1 Keyboard (Level A) https://www.w3.org/TR/WCAG20/#keyboard-operation-keyboard-operable
     41Note: This issue may be a duplicate with other existing accessibility-related bugs in this project. This issue comes from the Gutenberg accessibility audit, performed by Tenon and funded by WP Campus. This issue is GUT-80 in Tenon's report
     43*Original issue description and screenshot are available at page 142 of the complete technical report PDF. However, the screenshot appears to be related to the edit post screen in the classic editor.