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    11When in the select frame of the media library and the user has selected an attachment, the fields for that attachment including the title, caption, and description can all be modified. The user may very well be expecting that the changes they are making to be ''localized'' to the current context for which they are inserting the image. For example, a user may want to provide a unique caption for an image when selecting it into one post vs the caption for the image when it is inserted into another post. Nevertheless, when the user does make a change to the caption, it will get written into the underlying `attachment` post and will thus change the caption on the `attachment` single template and any galleries in which the image appears.
     3These are the fields in question:
     5[[Image(attachment-fields-in-media-library-select-frame.png, width=400px)]]
    37All of this to say that the behavior to auto-save back changes to an attachment as changes are made in the media library should be able to be disabled, or should perhaps be disabled by default if not in a management context on the Media admin screen. Also, when the media library is opened in the customizer, a user should expect all changes to be previewable without impacting the site before hitting Save & Publish. The customizer is supposed to guard against the “save and surprise” experience. In the case of the Media Library, it can be even worse because it is “auto-save and surprise” and the auto-save behavior isn't even stated. So if auto-save isn't disabled by default in the media library across WordPress in a non-management context, then at least it seems it should be disabled in the context of the customizer.