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#43114 new defect (bug)

FLV video - NetworkError: Exception ProgressEvent error

Reported by: Fred001 Owned by:
Milestone: Awaiting Review Priority: normal
Severity: normal Version: 4.9.2
Component: Media Keywords:
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FLV doesn't work any more since last versions of Wordpress.
I have this error : NetworkError: Exception ProgressEvent error when I use this code in articles :
[video width="640" height="480" flv="http://mydomaine.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/DSC_0011.flv"][/video]
and sometimes this error : "Aucune vidéo dont le format ou le type MINE est géré n'a été trouvée"

Thank you for your help

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#1 @iandunn
4 years ago

Where do you see that error? In the browser's console?

What web browser are you using?

Does installing the MediaElement Flash Fallback plugin fix it?

#2 @Fred001
4 years ago

MediaElementFlash Fallback doesn't resolve my problem.
My web browser are last version of Chrome and Firefox on PC and android.



#3 @iandunn
4 years ago

  • Component changed from General to Media

Hmm, I was thinking it was caused by removing the Flash files in r42462 (for #42720), but those shouldn't be needed for those browsers. Even if they were, installing that plugin should have resolved that.

I'm not sure what else it would be, though. Can you provide the real URL, so that I can try to reproduce it myself?

Did you upgrade any plugins at same time? If so, what are they?

#4 @Fred001
4 years ago

All thanks for your answers.
You can see the problem here :
Plugins are upgrated each week....

Advanced Excerpt
Akismet Anti-Spam
Broken Link Checker
Contact Form 7
Enhanced Text Widget
Google Doc Embedder
Login LockDown
MailPoet 2
MainWP Child
Master Slider
Page Security & Membership
Responsive Lightbox
Wordfence Security
WP Super Cache
Yet Another Related Posts Plugin


#5 @iandunn
4 years ago

Hmmm, I've done a bunch of testing, but have only come up with more questions.

I tested a local copy of the Taxi.flv video from comment:4 and guqin.flv from MediaElement's demo. I used a Windows 7 VM, with IE 11 and the latest versions of Chrome and Firefox. All 3 had Flash installed.

There are several variables at play here:

  • The WP 4.8.x -> 4.9.x upgrade replaced MediaElement 2.x with MediaElement 4.x
  • The WP 4.8.5 and 4.9.2 updates removed the SWF files from MediaElement 2.x and 4.x
  • Browser support for FLVs, particular codecs, etc.
  • Maybe the FLV encoding or other characteristics.
File Browser WP Version SWF used Works
Taxi.flv Firefox 57 4.8.4 Yes Yes
Taxi.flv Chrome 63 4.8.4 No No
Taxi.flv IE 11 4.8.4 Yes Yes
Taxi.flv Firefox 57 4.8.5 Yes No
Taxi.flv Chrome 63 4.8.5 No No
Taxi.flv IE 11 4.8.5 Yes No
Taxi.flv Firefox 57 4.9.1 No No
Taxi.flv Chrome 63 4.9.1 No No
Taxi.flv IE 11 4.9.1 Yes Yes
Taxi.flv Firefox 57 4.9.2 No No
Taxi.flv Chrome 63 4.9.2 No No
Taxi.flv IE 11 4.9.2 Yes No
guqin.flv Firefox 57 4.8.4 Yes Yes
guqin.flv Chrome 63 4.8.4 No No
guqin.flv IE 11 4.8.4 Yes Yes
guqin.flv Firefox 57 4.8.5 Yes No
guqin.flv Chrome 63 4.8.5 No No
guqin.flv IE 11 4.8.5 Yes No
guqin.flv Firefox 57 4.9.1 No No
guqin.flv Chrome 63 4.9.1 No Yes
guqin.flv IE 11 4.9.1 Yes Yes
guqin.flv Firefox 57 4.9.2 No Yes
guqin.flv Chrome 63 4.9.2 No Yes
guqin.flv IE 11 4.9.2 Yes No

These things stood out to me:

  • IE 11 needs the SWF fallbacks to play FLV videos. I think I missed that in researching the safety of removing the SWF files in the latest release.
  • Both IE and Firefox stopped working in the update from 4.8.4 to 4.8.5, because they were trying to use the SWF. Based on the above, that's expected for IE, but it shouldn't be necessary for Firefox, which has native support for FLVs. You can see that working in MediaElement's demo, even without Flash installed.
  • Chrome only worked with guqin.flv in WP 4.9.x. So, it only worked with MediaElement 4.x, but not in 2.x. It should work in both. It also has native support for FLVs (again, see the MEjs demo).
  • Chrome never worked with Taxi.flv, even with MediaElement 4.x. Maybe there's something about the way it's encoded that Chrome doesn't like?
  • guqin.flv works in Firefox with WP 4.9.2, but not with 4.9.1. That doesn't make any sense, based on the variables listed above. The WP 4.8.5 and 4.9.2 updates did remove some MediaElement 4.x renderers for 3rd-party hosting platforms and language files, but that shouldn't affect anything.

@Fred001, let me know if anything above gives you any clues as to what the problem is.

It'd also be helpful to learn the specific WP version where your videos stopped working. You could try temporarily downgrading to 4.9.1, then test the video, then 4.8.5 and test, then 4.8.4 and test.

Also, does guqin.flv work on your site? It may be important to upload a copy to your site, rather than embedding the remote video, to test your web server's MIME type configuration.

#6 @Fred001
4 years ago

I generate an article with your guqin.flv here :
In this article :
[video [video width="640" height="480" flv="http://famillemathy.fr/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/guqin.flv"][/video] -> doesn't work
[playlist type="video" ids="18281"] -> works

In this article :
[video width="640" height="480" flv="http://famillemathy.fr/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/Taxi.flv"][/video] -> doesn't work
[playlist type="video" ids="2126"] -> doesn't work


#7 @Fred001
4 years ago

I downgraded to :
4.8 -> ok for taxi.flv
4.8.4 -> ok for taxi.flv
4.8.5 -> doesn't work for taxi.flv


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