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Modify template-loader engine

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Hi, I think it would be useful if the functionality of the template-loader.php file that determines the template to load were added directly to the template_include filter with priority 1, so that it will be accessible using a function.
I have found the need in some projects in which I load the WordPress core from an external application, since once the core is loaded, it is necessary to include the template_loader.php file and it is not possible just to obtain which would be the template to load (and not ley ir load).

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#2 @soulseekah
18 months ago

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Hi, @chespir! Welcome to Trac! Thank you for your report. I'm sorry it took so long for someone to respond.

The template_include filter and the template_redirect action will not be pulled if WP_USE_THEMES is not defined. WP_USE_THEMES is only defined by default if you load index.php, i.e. it is a frontend request. The absence of WP_USE_THEMES allows wp-load.php to be included without any output produced. If you define WP_USE_THEMES inside the init action, for example, the core will produce theme output. This is in most cases undesirable.

What is your specific use case and proposed solution here?


#3 @chespir
18 months ago

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Hi @soulseekah , thanks for your answer and do not worry about the delay.
I understand what you are saying about using WP_USE_THEMES to not get an answer as it is obtained in a frontend request.
In my case, I'm using a script (a .php file) that gets some parameters through an AJAX call. I use these parameters to set the global wp_query so that I can tell Wordpress that I am, for example, in a single or archive.
If I don't set WP_USE_THEMES, Wordpress will not load my single.php, but if I set WP_USE_THEMES it will load single.php.

Now, what I need in my script is to generate some variables that I want to get to the template that Wordpress is going to load, which is possible if I could get the template that Wordpress is going to load and I could load it myself with an include, just like the Wordpress core does right now. It should be noted that I try to avoid the use of global.

I think this could be fixed if I could access the Wordpress template decision, which is made before the template_include filter through a function. I also think this option would add versatility to the loading of the Wordpress core.

My proposed solution would be something like following lines.

//Function to decide which template will Wordpress load
function wordpress_decission_template(){
        $template = false;
        if     ( is_embed()          && $template = get_embed_template()          ) :
        elseif ( is_404()            && $template = get_404_template()            ) :
        elseif ( is_search()         && $template = get_search_template()         ) :
        elseif ( is_front_page()     && $template = get_front_page_template()     ) :
        elseif ( is_home()           && $template = get_home_template()           ) :
        elseif ( is_post_type_archive() && $template = get_post_type_archive_template() ) :
        elseif ( is_tax()            && $template = get_taxonomy_template()       ) :
        elseif ( is_attachment()     && $template = get_attachment_template()     ) :
                remove_filter('the_content', 'prepend_attachment');
        elseif ( is_single()         && $template = get_single_template()         ) :
        elseif ( is_page()           && $template = get_page_template()           ) :
        elseif ( is_singular()       && $template = get_singular_template()       ) :
        elseif ( is_category()       && $template = get_category_template()       ) :
        elseif ( is_tag()            && $template = get_tag_template()            ) :
        elseif ( is_author()         && $template = get_author_template()         ) :
        elseif ( is_date()           && $template = get_date_template()           ) :
        elseif ( is_archive()        && $template = get_archive_template()        ) :
        else :
                $template = get_index_template();
        return $template;

//Load the template
$template = wordpress_decission_template();
if ( $template = apply_filters( 'template_include', $template ) ) {
        include( $template );
} elseif ( current_user_can( 'switch_themes' ) ) {
        $theme = wp_get_theme();
        if ( $theme->errors() ) {
                wp_die( $theme->errors() );

Then in my script I would call the wordpress_decission_template function, then I would set my desired variables, and I would include the template.

Thank you very much.

#4 @soulseekah
18 months ago

@chespir Thanks for the explanation!

It seems to me that you should be using WP_USE_THEMES in your a.php script and create two hooks on in the template_redirect action, so you can set you WP_Query parameters, and the other in template_include filter so you can see what core is about to load and override if needed.

Would this not solve your issue?

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