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04/15/2018 03:45:49 AM (4 years ago)

Hiya, and welcome to WordPress' bugtracker.

As you've mentioned, this is a plugin conflict, and the core WordPress software behaves as expected when the plugins are disabled. As such I'm going to close this ticket as invalid from our end, it should be fixed by the plugins causing the conflict at this time.

You did mention having informed them of the issue, so I expect they'll get to it when they have a chance. Thank you for taking the time to track down the cause though, as I am certain that may help others in the same situation as well!


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    initial v1  
    33SUBJ: Three-way conflict between WordPress Revisions, and UpdraftPlus plugin, and Galleries by Angie Makes plugin; Sharefaith website
    5 Background: I am relatively new to WordPress. This occurred on my Sharefaith Wordpress website.
     5Background: I am relatively new to WordPress. This occurred on my Sharefaith WordPress website.
    77I set up a workflow environment which includes backing up (UpdraftPlus). Yesterday, as a test, I made a change on a page and published it which generated a new "revision" of that page — but a problem cropped up: "Revisions" did not show up. Let's put it this way: I had a shit-fit (I went ballistic). Where was "Revisions"? My software-engineer-husband got involved, and determined that when he DEactivated UpdraftPlus, "Revisions" showed up. When he (RE)activated UpdraftPlus, Revisions did not show up. AGAIN, when he DEactivated UpdraftPlus, Revisions showed up. One or the other of UpdraftPlus and Revisions showed up but never at the same time.