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    11Some discussion on this happened in #44876
     3Adding Quotes for easier context here;
     4Comment 44876-6 -
     5> It also seems odd that the URL doesn't follow standard convention of using page as the param and then having wp-privacy-policy-guide as the value. The other two privacy related pages under tools follow this;
     6> <URL>/wp-admin/tools.php?page=export_personal_data
     7> <URL>/wp-admin/tools.php?page=remove_personal_data
     8> *This change would require the tools.php code that loads this be updated as well.
     10Comment 44876-7 -
     11> And I guess another also valid option would be have the guide live in privacy.php instead of in tools.php as the guide is dedicated specifically to the settings in privacy.php and is currently only available from privacy.php
     13Comment 44876-8 -
     14> @garrett-eclipse interesting points you raise, but I think new admin files could be introduced in the future:
     15> There's a restriction in place for minor point releases, like 4.9.6, that it must not create new files. So various existing files were hijacked in 4.9.6 to inject the Privacy related code :-)
     16> New files can be introduced in 5.0, so a cleanup will be needed then.
     17> As an example the export/erase request pages might get their own files, so the page url parameter would not be used in that case.
     18> Regarding the Privacy guide, I wonder if it should also get it's own file?
     20Comment 44876-10 -
     21> Moving forward I feel the guide should just live in the privacy.php with the Privacy settings.