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    1 May be not very relevant but I have a slight difference when tested my screen is showing it differently. Screenshot attached.
     1@ianbelanger My screen is showing a different view. Looks to me you have erased the email addresses before uploading the screenshot.
     3For me I can see the email address above `Download Personal Data` link, which is available when I expand the section by clicking the pull down arrow next to it. When the arrow is in down position, the link is only visible if the arrow still has the focus on it, i.e. the blue circle is visible around it. In your screenshot, the arrow does not have the focus but it is still showing `Download Personal Data` link, of course without the email address visible.
     5On full screen view (desktop), the link is visible only when I mouseover he row and that is also below the email address. This is not visible by default.
     7To my understanding, even in smaller views the link `Download Personal Data` is appearing at the right place, i.e. below email address. However, the checkboxes are not showing properly. The right side border is disappeared.
     9Can you please tell me the steps to reproduce the exact view of yours?