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Changes between Initial Version and Version 3 of Ticket #45889

01/17/2019 09:08:11 PM (5 years ago)

As #43921 already exists with an existing patch we'll continue work for the Community Events Location information through that ticket. As such I've updated this ticket to change it's focus to be specific to Session Tokens.

And to answer my question from previous garrett-eclipse:

One question I had about the use of IP in the Community Events is would an anonymized IP be sufficient to geolocate an area to surface community events from? If so we could avoid needing to include it in export and erasure by anonymizing it prior to storing in the usermeta table which would make it no longer PII. Just a thought.

*This was answered on the other ticket indicating that the IP address is already partially anonymized as was indicated on this ticket comment;


  • Ticket #45889

    • Property Focuses administration added
    • Property Summary changed from Include personal information from within the user_meta table in data exports to Include Session Tokens as personal information in data exports and erasure
    • Property Version changed from 5.0.2 to 4.9.6
    • Property Milestone changed from Awaiting Review to Future Release
  • Ticket #45889 – Description

    initial v3  
    44- Session Tokens: Contains IP address and user agent
    55- Community Events: Contains IP address
     6*Community Events data will be handled via #43921
    78The scope of this ticket isn't about removing/anonymizing this information, instead just including it within the current user export and erasure tools.