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    22> Replying to @SergeyBiryukov:
    4 > Thank you for elaborating and for sharing your thoughts.
    5 >
    6 > From my own perspective I'm proud to use WordPress as a platform, and I do realize that it's easy for people with even a tiny bit of technical insight to see that a site has been implemented using WordPress.
    7 >
    8 > But I think that exposing the WP logo as favicon is taking it too far. Because it becomes *very* visible.
    9 >
    10 > I would be less concerned if it only affected new installations. Because people then would have a chance to notice the favicon while building the website - and then finding out how to replace it if they don't like it. But this change will affect all sites upgraded to WP 5.4 (and in such situations, the developer and/or site owner might not immediately be aware).
    11 >
    12 > And yes, I do realize that only a very small number of company websites don't have a favicon.
    13 >
    144> BTW, what is the recommended, minimal amount of code to add a hook for outputting the current blank favicon if there is no site icon? My guess is that it would be to hook into 'do_faviconico' and redirect to the blank favicon. Does that sound correct to you?
    15 >
    16 > Thanks again.
     9if (function_exists('do_favicon')) {
     10        add_action('do_faviconico', function() {
     11                if (has_site_icon()) {
     12                        wp_redirect(get_site_icon_url(32));
     13                }
     14                die;
     15        });