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    1 Hi there,
     1Currently (using version 5.2.2) adding a subtitle is needlessly opaque as you can see in the attached screencast. As far as I can tell, it is only possible via the video widget if someone presses the 'edit video' button.
    3 I tried a workaround (see screenshot above): add a language selector so we can populate both srclang and label attributes.
     3I'd consider this a quite annoying usability issue which I think we need to address rather sooner than later since subtitles are considered best practices for accessibility. Not to mention required for [ WCAG compliance].
    5 Works fine on my side, adding `needs-design-feedback` keyword since we'll need a design feedback before making a proper patch.
     5A user might accidentally press the edit video button in the video widget, but nothing indicates that they are able to add subtitles via this button. Adding video via the Gutenberg video block doesn't help either. It has no option to add subtitles at all.
    7 (also, I commented in the related Gutenberg GitHub issue)
     7The other issue is that any subtitle added to a video is considered English. Regardless of the contents of the subtitle file's language or the language chosen in WordPress. This is clearly a bug, although while grepping through the trunk source I noticed [ srclang has been set to 'English' hardcoded].
    9 Cheers,
    10 Jb
     9As the current UI/UX for adding subtitles is already problematic (to say the least), adding an option to set the subtitle label and scrlang attributes feels like polishing a turd.
     11I'd like to discuss possible solutions to solve this issue and I'm willing to help out with this provided a Core committer commits to solving this issue as well. Without a Core committer I'm not willing to spend any time on patches since they'll probably be lingering for months or even years.
     13PS: Sorry about the numbers linking (can't edit this) in the attached screencast description.