id summary reporter owner description type status priority milestone component version severity resolution keywords cc focuses 48937 Auto-refresh maintenance mode screen Paddy Landau "''I [ already posted this] on the community forums, and was advised to post here instead.'' While WordPress updates a theme, a plugin or its core, it conveniently displays a message to any visitor: > Briefly unavailable for maintenance. Check back in a minute. Unfortunately, when presented with such a bland screen, most visitors will immediately leave and find a different website. If the visitor hasn’t disabled Javascript in his browser, it would be most helpful to make this a little more informative and add some automation: > Briefly unavailable for maintenance. > This page will automatically load when it is available. Have the webpage automatically refresh the page every (say) 10 seconds. Obviously, if the user has disabled Javascript, you can only display the brief message. = Solution I’m not really a programmer, but I’ve taken the default WordPress method and modified it to do just this — see below. You are welcome to use it as is, or to use the ideas and code within, to implement this feature automatically. I have tested this and it seems to work perfectly. A programmer might find a better way to implement it than I have done. There is one problem with what I’ve done, and that is the lack of translation for other languages. I don’t know how to cater for that. Thank you = Revised contents I took the file /wp-content/maintenance.php and modified it as follows. All that I did was to add a

Sorry… Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance.

Please try again in a minute.

Thank you for your patience.

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