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  • Ticket #49264, comment 22

    initial v1  
    1 [attachment:"49264.6.diff"] refreshes previous patch to apply cleanly. Preview is still the same as in [attachment:"49264.5_preview.gif"].
     1[attachment:"49264.6.diff"] refreshes previous patch to apply cleanly.
     3Summarizing so we can keep this moving: The idea is to beautify the pages and make a seamless transition between the "Settings" & the Policy Guides page. This is easily done by using a similar design to Site Health. Due to the tabbed menu in the future we will also be able to add more pages like such as Disclosures etc if need be and keep the main menu simple by having everything under "Privacy".
     7QA/Testing scope & expected results.
     9Essentially it's a full re-design that uses Tabs & Accordions with a similar layout to Site Health.
     11The Settings page has some minor change to add the needed header + tabs and the Policy Guide page is now included here also with a new design (instead of the long-text current page).
     13Expected results of applying the patch are:
     151. Layout as shown in [attachment:"49264.5_preview.gif"].
     162. Accordion in Policy Guide page should be a11y friendly (since we're using the same accordions as Site Health pages everything should already be covered).
     19If you are using plugins/themes on your testing their Policy Guide texts might not render properly since they will have the new introduced class missing. This will be covered when this is finalized and included in Dev Notes.
     21The "copy to clipboard" button will be worked on a different ticket to avoid a bigger scope here.