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#49413 new defect (bug)

wp_exif_date2ts should use Dateatime and accept an optional offset

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I think this falls under the date/time component. This function should be updated to use DateTime and to accept an optional timezone offset.

Right now, this is called by wp_read_image_metadata with the result the timestamp is wrong. This is because timestamps in exif are stored without timezone offsets, usually in local time. Storing it as a timestamp was therefore a mistake in my opinion as it will always be off. We should be assuming that the time is local site time unless an optional offset/timezone string is passed in.

Separately, as newer cameras and most cell phones do store that offset, will be proposing changes for that in a separate ticket.

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#1 @skithund
6 months ago

PHP exif doesn't support the latest exif standards, which include OffsetTime, OffsetTimeOriginal and OffsetTimeDigitized tags.
There's GPSTimeStamp though, which PHP supports, and it has the GPS time in UTC - no date.

#2 @Rarst
6 months ago

Yeah, I am getting to look at the function some time, it didn't get into revamp effort. Another ticket about #48204

I know what EXIF is, but not familiar with specifics. Is there any good resource describing what we have there to work with?

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#3 @skithund
6 months ago

There's the actual 2.32 standard (pretty slow PDF download), which describes different tags, their types and possible values. Like in the case of #48204 and DateTimeDigitized:

When the date and time are unknown, all the character spaces except colons (":") should be filled with blank characters

At the moment PHP supports Exif 2.2 (timezone offsets were introduced in Exif 2.31)

#4 @dshanske
6 months ago

I addressed the issue of getting the data in #49414. I opened this to address the update to the function to allow an offset and improve the conversion, but they are related.

#5 @dshanske
6 months ago

Timezone offset aside, converting a time without a timezone to a timestamp is fraught with issues that we need to document, standardize and be consistent about. I think we might have been better off to store as an iso8601 date

#6 @dshanske
6 months ago

@skithund I added a filter to read_image_metadata that dumped the exif from a jpeg from my phone to a file for testing...and regrettably you are wrong. The data did come out.

"ExifVersion": "0231",
"DateTimeOriginal": "2020:02:08 20:31:08",
"DateTimeDigitized": "2020:02:08 20:31:08",
"UndefinedTag:0x9010": "+02:00",
"UndefinedTag:0x9011": "+02:00",
"UndefinedTag:0x9012": "+02:00",
"SubSecTime": "190673",
"SubSecTimeOriginal": "190673",
"SubSecTimeDigitized": "190673",
"GPSTimeStamp": [



Now, the EXIF 2.32 standard defines that as

9010 - Offset Data of DateTime
9011 - Offset Data of DateTimeOriginal
9012 - Offset Data of DateTimeDigitized
SubSec is subseconds attached to those same fields.
DateTimeOriginal - Date and time original was made,
DateTimeDigitized - Date and time it was digitized
DateTime - File Change and Date Time

And The GPS Timestamp and GPS DateStamp indicates the time as UTC (Coordinated Universal Time). TimeStamp is expressed as three RATIONAL values giving the hour, minute, and second....which means we could try to use that to derive a correct timestamp

DateTimes are expressed in format "1997:09:01 12:00:00"

#7 @dshanske
6 months ago

According to wp_read_image_metadata, it uses DateTimeDigitized in EXIF, if the IPTC date and time fields are empty.

This ticket was mentioned in Slack in #core by noisysocks. View the logs.

6 months ago

#10 @dshanske
6 months ago

I've given some thought to my proposal. I'd like to propose introducing a wp_exif_datetime function, which seems consistent with the changes in the other time retrieval functions, and this can replace the usage of strtotime inside this function. DateTime actually accepts EXIF formatted dates without any of the special parsing we do now.

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6 months ago

Proof of Concept

#11 @dshanske
6 months ago

I uploaded a very quick and dirty proof of concept for what I'm thinking here.

#12 @dshanske
6 months ago

Joy, this gets better. I just read about EXIF 2.32...we've been discussing 2.31.


If I'm reading this correctly, in 2.32, the DateTimeOriginal/DateTimeDigitized fields will be stored in ISO8601, as opposed to the EXIF format...so we may need to check the Exif Version, which deprecates all of the offset stuff I was talking about, and will break our existing code and my proposed amendment.

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