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    1 I am not sure if this is the same request or should be on a new ticket. Per the documentation a theme author needs to opt in for responsive embeds.
    3 https://developer.wordpress.org/block-editor/developers/themes/theme-support/#responsive-embedded-content
    5 I would like to propose that we make the default "opt-in".  It is best practice. From an end user's perspective, it seems natural that the core video block would be responsive. Why wouldn't it be.
    7 Rather than send the user on a goose chance looking for code within their theme files, child theme, or a support request with the theme author, a default opt-in would offer a more seamless user experience for the end user.
    9 Y'all know I am more of a plugin dev than a theme dev. But, I have do a theme in development. It is a fork of WP Rig. My development strategy for the theme was to do as little from the theme code as possible and allow the blocks from core and the blocks that ship with my charter boat bookings plugin handle most of the design simply because it is through these blocks that I can pass on along visual control more easily to the end user. Following this development principle I did not opt in for the responsive embeds.
    11 What a bummer. Imagine my surprise that the video I live posted from my phone while sailing wouldn't be responsive. No big deal for me to go into my theme and make this simple little change. BUT, if I was using a theme from the repo and I did not write code and self-administrate my site this could present a challenge.
     1oops definitely not the right place I think I misunderstood the subject of this ticket. Sorry