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08/26/2020 01:59:06 AM (4 years ago)

Hi there, welcome to WordPress Trac! Thanks for the ticket.

I'm sorry to hear you are having issues with your website since the latest update. Please note that this Trac is used for enhancements and bug reporting for the WordPress core software, not for individual support questions.

Just noting that it's perfectly fine to stick with WordPress 5.4.x for now if some of the plugins you're using are not updated for the latest version yet.

Please try the support forums to get help with your site:


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    initial v1  
    1414Then Sunday I received an email from WordPress an email saying I have a fatal error with the beaver builder plug-in pro see attached text file Howdy.pdf*
    1515Then I went in to try a blank page and add a saved template and got a second error message see BB error**...
    16 then I finally decided that Wordpress was hinky and did a search if anyone else thought the same.
     16then I finally decided that WordPress was hinky and did a search if anyone else thought the same.
    1717Found this article