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    1 Thanks for the reply.
    2 I am aware that you are not concerned with solving third party problems, however the change to the graphical interface only appeared after I ran the WP update.
    3 The thing that seems strange to us is that it only appeared in a single user and without us we had to do anything.
    4 We keep bouncing from one medium to another without coming up with a solution, the explanation "it's a WP user problem" brought us here, as even using a default theme and disabling plugins the problem persists.
    5 We want to know the reason for the change of graphics and how not to make it resubmit; we don't want to have to rearrange elements with each update, without considering all the other websites that used the same themes and plugins but haven't updated yet.
    6 We need support from a developer who can access the dashboard and check for any malfunctions, not from the community, however good it may be.
    7 I will try to contact individual plugin supports again but they will probably bounce me to WP support.
    8 Thank you and good day.