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Hello @ellielox,

Welcome to WordPress Core Trac! Thanks for the ticket.

I'm sorry you're having issues with your website.

Please note that this Trac is used for enhancements and bug reporting for the WordPress core software, not for individual support questions. In reviewing the problems listed, it doesn't seem as though these are core specific issues but rather setup and potential plugin or theme related issues.

Where can you get help?

Some tips to help you:

  • For things that once worked and now aren't, consider if any plugin or theme was updated or added. If yes, deactivate it. Does the problem go away? If yes, contact that plugin or theme author via their support page to report the issue.
  • Another step is to temporarily deactivate all plugins (except for Elementor and Gutenberg) and activate a default theme such as Twenty Twenty-One. Does the problem go away? If yes, one or more of these is causing a problem.

What if the problem is core? After seeking help in the support forums, if there is a problem with core, please open a new ticket with the details including how to reproduce the problem (step-by-step), what version of WordPress,


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    initial v1  
    551) I've been trying to make my head transparent for days. Please help! It has a white bar across it on the desktop but seems to work on mobile.
    662) Today, the primary menu bar suddenly appeared in the wrong order when it was correct before. In the Settings area it is in the correct order.
    7 3) I cannot see the black tools bar strip which was there the first couple of days I used Wordpress.
     73) I cannot see the black tools bar strip which was there the first couple of days I used WordPress.
    99I understand that it may be frustrating helping a novice like me but I've tried to find the answers on forums and followed some of the advice but nothing seems to be working.