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09/02/2022 11:03:09 PM (21 months ago)

Thanks for the report!

I do not recommend trying to fix the block alignment in individual themes' editor styles. Twenty Twenty-One is the only bundled theme I found that centers the Categories List block's dropdown in the editor, so this would be better to report on GitHub.

Note: the plugin has renamed this block "Categories List" in GB39837. (This might confuse people who have been using the "Categories" block since WordPress 5.8, but that's a separate issue.)

A new Trac ticket could address the front-end margin with the dropdown option of Archives and Categories List blocks. Twenty Ten, Twenty Eleven and Twenty Fourteen have a left margin for the list markup that pushes the dropdown (and its label) slightly off-center. Adding this worked for me in each of the blocks.css files:

.rtl .wp-block-archives-dropdown.aligncenter,
.rtl .wp-block-categories-dropdown.aligncenter {
	margin-left: 0;
	margin-right: 0;


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    • Property Summary changed from Twenty Eleven: Categories block center alignment is not reflecting on editor side to Categories (List) block center alignment is not working with dropdown in editor
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    initial v1  
    11Categories block center alignment setting is not reflecting on editor side.
    3 1: Activate the Twenty Eleven Theme
    4 2: Add Categories Block
    5 3: Change the alignment
     31. Activate the Twenty Eleven Theme
     42. Add Categories Block (or "Categories List" block if Gutenberg plugin is activated)
     53. Select the "Display as dropdown" option in the sidebar
     64. Change the alignment to center
    78Here is Screen Recording:[]