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03/06/2023 05:57:26 AM (15 months ago)

It would be helpful to have more testing instructions. I have tested it to the best of my ability.

I was not able to reproduce that the highlight color changes when one switches from Twenty Twenty-Two to Twenty Twenty-Three. This is because the color code for the highlight is inline. It does not change when you switch themes:

<p><mark style="background-color:#ffffff" class="has-inline-color">Highlighted text</mark></p>

Reproduction Report

This report validates that the issue can not be reproduced without the user manually changing colors.


  • OS: macOS 12.2.1
  • Web Server: Nginx
  • PHP: 8.1.9
  • WordPress: 6.2-beta4-55461
  • Browser:Chrome
  • Theme: Twenty Twenty-Three
  • Active Plugins:
    • WordPress Beta Tester 3.2.9

Test 1

Activate Twenty Twenty-Three Open the Site Editor, Styles, Browse Styles Select the Electric style variation Open the theme color palette. Change the second color, the blue, to black. Save.

Select or add a new text block, for example a heading or paragraph. Select the text. Note the color. In my test, the default highlight color for selected text is a light blue grey.

With the text selected, open the Highlight option in the Options menu in the block toolbar. Here, the user is able to change the background color and text color of the highlight. In that case, the colors are changed due to a user decision, and the user has the option to adjust the colors to correct them. Therefor, I don't believe this is a bug.

Test 2

Activate Twenty Twenty-Two. Create a new post. Add a text block, for example a paragraph. Select the text in the block and open the Highlight option from the Options menu in the toolbar. Select the second palette color as the highlight background. I choose this color since it is the one mentioned by the reporter. Save.

Switch themes to Twenty Twenty-Three. Open the post you just created, and confirm that the highlight background color is still white. Next please follow the instructions of test 1 to select the Electric style variation and change the blue palette color to black. Confirm that the highlight background color in the post is still white.

Actual Results

  • Issue can not be reproduced without the user manually changing colors.


  • Ticket #57355

    • Property Keywords reporter-feedback added; needs-design removed
    • Property Version changed from 6.1.1 to 6.1
    • Property Component changed from Themes to Bundled Theme
  • Ticket #57355 – Description

    initial v2  
    55In the Gutenberg editor or Site Editor:
    66BUG: when I mark text, the marking is black. As the text is also black, it is not possible to see the marked text. This has been in another color in the previous theme (Twenty Twenty-Two).