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    initial v11  
    1 Summary: The current system of sharing private APIs in Gutenberg (WordPress/gutenberg#46131) includes a safeguard to prevent the same module from opting-in twice. However, this safeguard is only intended for WordPress core and not for the released @wordpress packages. As a result, developers must currently explicitly disable this check in order to install the @wordpress packages. Some developers have reported troubles with updating these packages to the latest version.
     1Summary: The current system of sharing private APIs in Gutenberg (WordPress/gutenberg#46131) includes a series of safeguards: Only core JavaScript modules can participate in the private APIs system and each of them can only be registered once.
    3 This Trac ticket proposes to make the check for sharing private APIs opt-out for the @wordpress packages. This change would be implemented by setting the ALLOW_EXPERIMENT_REREGISTRATION to false in the WordPress core, allowing the Gutenberg plugin to use true as the default value.
    5 Impact: This change would streamline the process for installing the @wordpress packages, making it easier for developers to use these packages in their projects.
     3The latter safeguard is enabled by default in WordPress 6.2. However, in the most recent editor version it is disabled by default (WordPress/gutenberg#48352) and needs to be explicitly enabled by setting the IS_WORDPRESS_CORE to true.