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03/06/2023 06:47:51 PM (16 months ago)

Replying to ayeshrajans:

Bleeding-edge PHPMailer :) Thank you.

#57874 has a way better description. I don't think I can edit the original description; I'm happy with however you suggest we proceed. We could copy-paste but perhaps someone with permissions update the ticket?

I have updated the description of this ticket now.

I took the liberty of deciding to not include the new DSN class because we initialize PHPMailer on our own, use no autoloader, and because we don't include the whole PHPMailer library anyway.

That makes perfect sense to me.

Also: the Hindi translation has been updated - do we need to ping the Polyglots team to get the translation used by WP updated as well ?

From what I see, we catch PHPMailer exceptions and throw a WP_Error with wp_mail_failed, containing the Exception message thrown by PHPMailer. However, we don't use PHPMailer's localization, so the Exception messages would be the same in v6.8.0 too. My guess is that we don't need to bother with the translations, because as far as WordPress is concerned, we don't change any of the source text strings. I don't understand Hindi to know if the updated translations are dramatically different, but pinging them could prove useful.

Want to send out a ping in Slack ? There must be a polyglots channel there, I suppose ?


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    1 PHPMailer v6.8.0 is released.
     1PHPMailer 6.8.0. has just been released. Mostly a bug fix release, though it also contains a new feature (DSN URL parsing).
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     7@jrf has reviewed the diff and the changes look sensible to her, so she would recommend an update.
     9**To be decided**: should the new `src/DSNConfigurator.php` file be included in WP or not ?
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