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#58867 new task (blessed)

GitHub Actions updates and improvements for 6.4

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Milestone: 6.4 Priority: normal
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This ticket is for various updates and improvements for Core's GitHub Actions workflows.


Change History (10)

#1 @desrosj
6 weeks ago

In 56388:

Build/Test Tools: Update 3rd-party GitHub Actions.

This updates all 3rd-party GitHub Actions to their latest versions.

See #58867.

#2 @desrosj
5 weeks ago

In 56402:

Build/Test Tools: Simplify the required prerequisite jobs for the failed-workflow job.

Because slack-notifications job requires all preceding jobs in each workflow to complete, there’s no need to include the same jobs in the needs configuration for the failed-workflow one.

See #58867.

#3 @desrosj
5 weeks ago

In 56404:

Build/Test Tools: Don’t send a Slack notice when a workflow fails once.

[53947] introduced a callable workflow that allowed a workflow run to be retried automatic. By default all workflows are retried once.

Since a run is not considered “failed” until after the automatic retry, the first Slack message is unnecessary and can cause a lot of noise when there are network hiccups.

This alters the logic to skip a failure notice in Slack until the second failure.

See #58867.

#4 @desrosj
5 weeks ago

In 56405:

Build/Test Tools: Use the correct variable for checking the previous conclusion.

Follow up to [56404].
See #58867.

#5 @desrosj
5 weeks ago

In 56406:

Build/Test Tools: Send a failure notice in Slack when a run fails to start.

This adds startup_failure to the list of conclusions that the Slack workflow looks for when determining whether to send a failure notice.

See #58867.

#6 @desrosj
5 weeks ago

In 56407:

Build/Test Tools: Revert Slack messaging changes.

This reverts [56404], [56405], [56406].

More testing is needed to ensure multiple messages are not sent unintentionally.

Unprops desrosj.
See #58867.

#7 @desrosj
4 weeks ago

In 56464:

Build/Test Tools: Ensure database containers are prepared for commands.

By default, Docker waits for a container to be started before considering it “ready”. But this does not necessarily mean that it’s ready to receive commands.

This adds a check that ensures the database container is ready to receive commands before proceeding with running commands.

Follow up to [56439], [56440], [56443].

Props rmccue, desrosj.
See #30462, #58867.

#8 @desrosj
4 weeks ago

I missed this in the commit, but hat tip to @johnbillion for sharing his implementation for inspiration.

#9 @desrosj
2 weeks ago

In 56537:

Build/Test Tools: Update 3rd-party GitHub Actions.

This updates all 3rd-party GitHub actions to their latest versions. The following actions were updated:

  • actions/cache
  • actions/checkout
  • actions/setup-node
  • codecov/codecov-action
  • shivammathur/setup-php
  • slackapi/slack-github-action

In the latest version of actions/checkout (4.0.0), a new input was introduced to control the output of command progress. This change uses this new show-progress input to turn off displaying progress by default. Progress will be shown when a workflow is run with debug mode enabled, just in case it contains helpful information.

Props johnbillion, desrosj.
See #58867.

#10 @desrosj
2 weeks ago

In 56538:

Build/Test Tools: Update a few more 3rd-party GitHub Action occurrences.

Follow up to [56537].

See #58867.

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