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10/02/2023 10:02:41 PM (10 months ago)

Thank you for the additional input @dmsnell!

A mentioned earlier, I think the root problem with the server-side performance lies in core itself, and is now being further explored via #59490. Regarding TT4 itself, there may be room for a bit of optimization, but IMO it wouldn't tackle the problem at its root. That said, there are a few instances where I would question the use of patterns to be excessive, for example:

Couldn't all those 6 patterns simply be referenced in the root templates/home.html file? Why the 2 additional "patterns" in between, which don't really add anything AFAIK? Curious if you can share come context on that @onemaggie @luminuu.

I've added links to the 3 more specific tickets related to the performance issues to the description.


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    initial v21  
    3737I am hopeful that between the TT4 team and the Core Performance Team we can collaborate on identifying any further opportunities and implementing fixes to improve performance by the time TT4 fully launches with 6.4 stable.
     39This ticket serves simply for an overview and for higher level discussion on the performance of TT4. More specific tickets for individual issues are:
     40* #59464
     41* #59466
     42* #59490