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Changes between Version 21 and Version 27 of Ticket #59465

10/09/2023 07:43:45 PM (9 months ago)

I am very excited to report that most (if not all) of the server-side performance concerns have been addressed, via additional general performance fixes that landed in core since, most importantly [56765], [56805], and [56807]! 🎉

Here are new Server-Timing benchmarks comparing TT4 and TT3 with latest core trunk:

  • TT4 home page loads in 85.91ms, compared to 78.08ms in TT3.
    • 10.0% slower, but before was 71.8% slower 🎉
  • TT4 "Hello world!" post loads in 96.44ms, compared to 86.35ms in TT3.
    • 11.7% slower, but before was 42.3% slower 🎉

Given how much richer the content and layout of TT4 is compared to TT3, this is a major accomplishment, and there is no need to worry about the remaining performance difference due to that.

I think it is safe to say that this completes the crucial server-side performance enhancements related to TT4. For the client-side performance enhancements, the related #59464 and #59577 are still outstanding, but they require more thought and time investment and therefore have been milestoned for the 6.5 release. As such, I am going to close this ticket as completed. Please follow along on the two tickets mentioned for remaining related work.