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#6540 closed defect (bug) (wontfix)

Unresponsive Script Error with Custom Fields in WP 2.5 RC1 and WP 2.5

Reported by: arickrol Owned by:
Milestone: Priority: high
Severity: blocker Version: 2.5
Component: Administration Keywords: custom fields, unresponsive script
Focuses: Cc:


When trying to write a new post the browser (Firefox in my case) throws an Unresponsive Script Error. I believe it to be due to custom fields. I have to click the Stop Script button in order to see what the fields are. I looked at mine and there appears to be many duplicates. Several of the custom fields seem to have 4 copies of each.

I don't know the exact cause, or a fix, but this always happens when trying to write a new post regardless of the browser. I tried to delete the duplicate custom fields but it doesn't work, perhaps because of stopping the script.

This prevents me from writing new posts.

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#1 @lloydbudd
10 years ago

  • Milestone set to 2.6

#2 @arickrol
10 years ago

Using Safari I was able to get in. Safari throws a slow script error (but it is more tolerant than Firefox). So, below find all the keys and their corresponding values (these are specific to my blog). Maybe we can find something in there.

164 (shows up 4 times) 4232c1fea340ad740b59948762a0e6776d2d9d5625960221c1917b1f7c4affb8969ba3f7b9c9372e3d372d55deda5ed6

239 (shows up 4 times) wpAjaxa39c5d4924f7e79318da38c99a60ad9c5133e00059b5be4341ebed803edc2639935097a27af866c2e85e7ccc4f9f1456

240 (shows up 4 times) wpAjax84fc74edafb569781e3791d7288024221715fd9108960f76bccf476117943efd300e3a731fc5fd02f20827eaddf65868

243 (shows up 4 times) wpAjaxab2ff66ffd09503cb60a9cbfda4e37a9de752d87bc3d3bf6d2aa9a440f4c7bc4a052f2fb618b2e326b5dd06e6aceced4

244 (shows up 4 times) wpAjax48d32186a2919263a4f69be27d4995b75e99833e4f2f770bbc1564bcb51e506ac95bac156be66e86bd7781f2ae134c29

245 (shows up 4 times) wpAjax035d84b3a9cb9502a54bd1aade923c1960df4609469f207bd927b12bc83d61cadbef3f79e4f492a631a32414b05dbbe8

246 (shows up 4 times) wpAjax8dd8c635c1b570fda0edd4264745f1c9f4a80ca498ba06ace476c0f8550dac3f6280d08b149bd5affae7f224ca6d009f

248 (shows up 4 times) wpAjax66505ef701ee7560fe96ea468ce7fbd977c83aa9d4b6f56023fc6c311cca8575dd265efdab8984511410d94c633266d1

251 (shows up 4 times) wpAjax09411b7acb2a4824ff2e69685ae8d73df23d362b6a034a32bb0485df9c319c1b4f0da7fe3f674666d1421dcb3452312d

254 (shows up 4 times) wpAjax2aee0d235c246f6052b92b07853270bdcc7daf1f7bead227478f9bf00fed51e9e9bf766bd7f0b3f794b2f5f1312c05c3

255 (shows up 4 times) wpAjax52c381d7da284e57ac5545e381e22ac19d7901512af5f7731a6829f278e63b9b3b0c42840ea6c198ab07782b23eadd7e

256 (shows up 4 times) wpAjax204b82ab32f7e78c635c4dd3c86590bfd64e1dd202647e1fcce68fc6b3cac7de7cda108915bfc9a6a5169cc7363197ba

261 (shows up 4 times) wpAjaxf300c0e292c2efb46239faa2517ed3b91fefd37bd66f29cbb8efeb83da8c7cd48db2a70efb85332f0390ed4c2b078aa6

263 (shows up 2 times) wpAjax4f3331d8d365db5d4cf73960b9415bf0f4884d2cde4737a598ae339c4b87608b33665e18d2be63b6d34c2d4dcd13e60a

265 (shows up 4 times) wpAjax1a06b09213ca020b3bbcc35de9faa032837e55ef40d8592840370acfc7fdd74d75c9c886d5183986f8a9c2f7247bacd0

266 (shows up 4 times) wpAjax7ceeda89adc583043a652377fe43126f8eaabc8c7d9418cf125df33b916918d346eae53099f6cf2e1e2c7823ecf63b85

190 Enclosure (for Podpress, some duplicates)

A slew (couple hundred) other PodPress entries. PodPressMedia, podPressPostSpecific

A lot (about 50+) for WP-PostRatings using ratings-average, ratings-score (lots of duplicates in both), ratings users.

A lot (50+) for Similar Posts and possibly some duplicates.

#3 follow-up: @stamcar
10 years ago

  • Priority changed from high to highest omg bbq

This happens on my WP 2.5 and 2.6-bleeding from today, too... When I go to "Write", the whole page just locks up due to a huge ammount of custom fields listed.

#4 in reply to: ↑ 3 @stamcar
10 years ago

Replying to stamcar:

This happens on my WP 2.5 and 2.6-bleeding from today, too... When I go to "Write", the whole page just locks up due to a huge ammount of custom fields listed.

Here's the screenshot from the source: http://shrani.si/?33/OP/4rRai7o5/screenshot76.jpg

I'm not using any special plugins or admin panel additions...

#5 @stamcar
10 years ago

  • Priority changed from highest omg bbq to high
  • Severity changed from normal to blocker

#6 @stamcar
10 years ago

By the way... (and sorry for triple posting - I can't find the Edit link anywhere :() - I have kinda solved the problem by emptying the proper database tables and doing a XML import in WP's Admin panel.

#7 @hakre
10 years ago

  • Resolution set to wontfix
  • Status changed from new to closed

User has solved the problem alone, suggestion is to revise the data in the database. error in data not code.

#8 @thee17
10 years ago

  • Milestone 2.6 deleted
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