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Tickets without any comments (49 matches)

Ticket Summary Reporter Component Priority Severity Type Workflow Modified
#31728 Search bug (Cyrillic) kazumy Permalinks normal normal defect (bug) 03/22/15
#31907 get_post_gallery()["src"] sometimes return empty on list views. odie2 Gallery normal normal defect (bug) 04/06/15
#31946 /wp-admin/user-edit.php fails when using with IDN domain name aesede Users normal normal defect (bug) 04/10/15
#32012 Crunching doesn't work on some grayscale images nifwlseirff Media normal normal defect (bug) 04/18/15
#32282 Wordpress image cropping is buggy Jossnaz Media normal normal defect (bug) 05/07/15
#32306 wp-cron occassionally throws 500 errors for SSL enabled sites coatesg Cron API normal normal defect (bug) 05/08/15
#32420 Wordpress report file upload not supported for IE 11 on WindowsPhone 8.1 ahriad Upload normal normal defect (bug) 05/17/15
#32433 Add registered image sizes in WXR export file joehoyle Export normal normal defect (bug) 05/18/15
#32437 Uploaded images are still saved as a "resized" duplicate wpdennis Media normal normal defect (bug) 05/19/15
#32554 Editing an image inserted in a post does not resize correctly rachelbilski Editor normal normal defect (bug) 06/02/15
#32788 Moving sublevel menu item still opens the dropdown menu in the original location. paaljoachim Taxonomy normal normal defect (bug) 06/25/15
#32921 WordPress mangles text inside <script> tags in posts even if text-control is set to disable any processing fwieland Editor normal normal defect (bug) 07/08/15
#32932 WP_Http::request hangs on badly behaving servers Lutz Donnerhacke HTTP API normal normal defect (bug) 07/09/15
#33148 Categories are missing in admin category list when child category linked to non-existant parent id ShawnLunny Taxonomy normal normal defect (bug) 07/27/15
#33171 Unit test Tests_DB_Charset::test_strip_invalid_text fails with MariaDB 10.1 netweb Database normal normal defect (bug) 07/29/15
#33343 Insert/edit link modal text overlaps if title is long. Also should be re-sizable. b-rad Editor normal normal defect (bug) 08/11/15
#33383 Comment reply links are always to first comment form on a page even when $withcomments variable is set johnh10 Comments normal normal defect (bug) 08/15/15
#33426 Visual bug in IE 9 Media Gallery theatp Media normal normal defect (bug) 08/19/15
#33430 Media inline upload "window" non responsive hight in IE 9 theatp Media normal normal defect (bug) 08/19/15
#33525 CSS animations cause high cpu programmin TinyMCE normal normal defect (bug) 08/24/15
#33640 Unable to add menu items to menus on Ubuntu droplet znromonk Menus normal normal defect (bug) 09/01/15
#33785 cannot login when someone got similar login but with polish special chars nook86 Login and Registration normal normal defect (bug) 09/09/15
#33918 WordPress media modal window issue with custom fields simonrcodrington Gallery normal normal defect (bug) 09/18/15
#34074 wp_debug false still showing errors siebje General normal normal defect (bug) 09/29/15
#34088 Add delay to admin menu arrow's disappearance pathartl Administration normal normal defect (bug) 09/29/15
#34110 WordPress Trackback Bug when Comment Pagination is Enabled isaumya Comments normal normal defect (bug) 10/01/15
#34165 Incorrect file param in wp_handle_upload in class-wp-xmlrpc.php OceanicSurfer XML-RPC normal normal defect (bug) 10/06/15
#34329 Render TinyMCE views before applying wpautop to content danielbachhuber TinyMCE normal normal defect (bug) 10/16/15
#34347 Sometimes image modal does not fill in link iseulde TinyMCE normal normal defect (bug) 10/18/15
#34436 Issue with wp.customizer.panel('name').focus(). wpweaver Customize normal normal defect (bug) 10/25/15
#34459 wp_update_post xml-escapes the guid singpolyma General normal normal defect (bug) 10/26/15
#34467 Media Library after removing bulk removing all images on page sorensenss Media normal normal defect (bug) 10/27/15
#34633 X-pingback header should be generated the same as rel="pingback" link mark-k Pings/Trackbacks normal normal defect (bug) 11/09/15
#34634 Empty PHP_SELF causes 404 pages to load front page with 200 status code l3rady Query normal normal defect (bug) 11/09/15
#34662 Media File not loading in 4.3 mimiwp Media normal normal defect (bug) 11/11/15
#34679 Replace use of wp_get_http() in the WordPress Importer danielbachhuber Import normal normal defect (bug) 11/13/15
#34697 Password (re)set form fails when addressed as /wp-login.php/ friedcell Login and Registration normal normal defect (bug) 11/16/15
#34702 get_post_galleries( $post->post_parent ) not working in the loop of attachment.php DrLightman Gallery normal normal defect (bug) 11/16/15
#34705 >Links>Add New fails when addin image url njlinuxmike General normal normal defect (bug) 11/16/15
#34713 TinyMCE paste options are ignored when 'teeny' is enabled in wp_editor. jonkoops Editor normal normal defect (bug) 11/17/15
#34741 Don't store the domain or the path in the database illustir General normal normal defect (bug) 11/19/15
#34766 Order by rand in taxonomy page don't work sebastian.pisula General normal normal defect (bug) 11/22/15
#34780 Updates screen: Plugin and Theme tables improvements afercia Administration normal normal defect (bug) 11/24/15
#34788 Media Uploader - media items unclickable after upload DoodleDogCody Media normal normal defect (bug) 11/25/15
#34792 Adjust auto-scrolling position when the caret is above the top of the editor tools by specific browsers ka2 TinyMCE normal normal defect (bug) 11/26/15
#34798 Export Bug eugenekireev Export normal normal defect (bug) 11/27/15
#34803 Deleting menu item with sub-items does not update sub-items' parent (with disabled JS) JanVoracek Menus normal trivial defect (bug) 11/27/15
#34806 Core Themes: Consider updating screenshots to 1200 x 900 davidakennedy Bundled Theme normal normal defect (bug) 11/27/15
#34814 Presence of "Less than sign" < adds additional closing shortcode tag. alexander.rohmann Shortcodes normal normal defect (bug) 11/29/15

Tickets without any activity from a contributor (51 matches)

Ticket Summary Reporter Component Priority Severity Type Workflow Modified
#15833 Script concatenation fails to take external dependencies into account. jczorkmid Script Loader normal normal defect (bug) 10/13/15
#16747 'feedtype_enclosure' hooks not triggered without custom field tcloninger Feeds normal normal defect (bug) has-patch 09/02/15
#18762 Pagination does not work correctly on walker in reverse order. gburtini Comments normal normal defect (bug) 09/02/15
#20520 Author Page Pagination Broken When Removing /author/ Slug rbaccaro Rewrite Rules normal normal defect (bug) 10/26/14
#21597 WordPress Importer $base_url index failed lightningspirit Import normal normal defect (bug) has-patch 09/02/15
#22194 PHP x64 compatibility issue with date values Whissi Date/Time normal normal defect (bug) dev-feedback 05/08/15
#23188 Hardcoded relative url 'async-upload.php' in plupload/handlers.js drozdz Upload normal normal defect (bug) 09/02/15
#24241 Whitelist trackbacks/pingbacks from own site eurello Pings/Trackbacks normal normal defect (bug) needs-unit-tests 11/16/14
#25582 Ping status always disabled when quick editing a post type that doesn't support trackbacks bradyvercher Pings/Trackbacks normal normal defect (bug) has-patch 09/18/15
#25691 Refactor StringExtractor nbachiyski I18N normal normal defect (bug) needs-unit-tests 10/13/15
#26655 Table pagination with many pages wraps on smaller screens pcrumm Administration normal normal defect (bug) 10/13/15
#27158 do_enclose() throws warnings when content_type is text/html and not audio or video tamas_dxw Pings/Trackbacks normal normal defect (bug) needs-unit-tests 10/04/15
#27236 Custom Widgets lost when theme is re-activated while the widget plugin is inactive asadkn Widgets normal normal defect (bug) 10/13/15
#28084 Post and page permalink's text getting cut in Firefox. Ankit K Gupta Posts, Post Types normal normal defect (bug) has-patch 05/12/15
#28139 WP MU legacy problems: missing database tables bi0xid Database normal normal defect (bug) 05/08/14
#28163 function email_exists() check without removing umlauts hpr78 Users normal normal defect (bug) needs-unit-tests 11/01/15
#28300 Two issues in the code for auto-uploading to subfolders wiziapp Upgrade/Install normal normal defect (bug) 05/18/14
#28473 wp_mail incorrectly parses multiline From header arty.name Mail normal normal defect (bug) has-patch 11/01/15
#28591 dbDelta Non-literal DEFAULT not working (CURRENT_TIMESTAMP) sc0ttkclark Database normal normal defect (bug) 06/20/14
#28616 ftp_fput should have a retry threshold runderwo Filesystem API normal normal defect (bug) 08/18/14
#29076 The Minor Publishing Actions (Buttons) need some breathing room NikV Posts, Post Types normal normal defect (bug) dev-feedback 07/22/15
#29202 Post list date fields get word-wrapped Clorith Posts, Post Types normal normal defect (bug) has-patch 01/08/15
#29385 wpview: selecting all the content with ctrl/cmd + A when there's a view on top doesn't work iseulde TinyMCE normal trivial defect (bug) has-patch 10/13/15
#30175 In multisite, on a site with only subscribers, wp_dropdown_users returns empty string johnjamesjacoby Users normal normal defect (bug) has-patch 10/13/15
#31034 delete_post capability issue in Trash szaqal21 Posts, Post Types normal normal defect (bug) 01/17/15
#31215 wp_debug_backtrace_summary fails if args index isn't set paulschreiber General normal normal defect (bug) 04/06/15
#31254 Post errors show success borders ninnypants Posts, Post Types normal normal defect (bug) 02/06/15
#31300 redirect_canonical returns too early stephenharris Canonical normal normal defect (bug) dev-feedback 04/06/15
#31511 Update jQueryColor Library to latest version lovememore External Libraries normal normal defect (bug) 04/06/15
#31591 Bug in the author permalink . vbegy Rewrite Rules normal normal defect (bug) 04/06/15
#31598 wp_schedule_single_event() should return true on success, false on failure GhostToast Cron API normal normal defect (bug) has-patch 04/06/15
#31642 Editor Not Formatting List Properly semrocc TinyMCE normal normal defect (bug) 04/28/15
#31826 Manager menus Luan Ramos Menus normal normal defect (bug) has-patch 04/01/15
#31957 query fails, when post is queried under specific name selnomeria Query normal normal defect (bug) 04/24/15
#31976 WordPress Importer ignores WP_TEMP_DIR in wp-config mayukojpn Import normal normal defect (bug) 04/18/15
#32237 Default query args are ignored in menu editor's taxonomy metaboxes szepe.viktor Menus normal normal defect (bug) has-patch 08/13/15
#32320 WordPress Importer: WXR_Parser_Regex adds newlines to import data, breaking serialized post meta. justinbusa Import normal normal defect (bug) 05/18/15
#32452 Cache optimizations Relevad Cache API normal normal defect (bug) 09/20/15
#32526 Tax_Query doesn't working in switch_to_blog() phill_brown Networks and Sites normal normal defect (bug) 05/29/15
#32912 Autosaves are generated every other preview if post is unchanged mboynes Autosave normal normal defect (bug) 07/10/15
#33143 Twenty Fifteen uses jQuery window.width() - which is not synced with used media queries th23 Bundled Theme normal normal defect (bug) 07/27/15
#33147 Updated message on install.php, Username can't be change directly after installation Ankit K Gupta Upgrade/Install normal normal defect (bug) has-patch 07/27/15
#33153 Twenty Eleven: captioned images look broken in the editor iseulde Bundled Theme normal normal defect (bug) has-patch 10/16/15
#33237 Some media strings problems pavelevap I18N normal normal defect (bug) 08/03/15
#33279 Smilies forcibly have font-height acbaile Formatting normal normal defect (bug) has-patch 08/26/15
#33305 Plugin details modal: initial focus and constraining tabbing afercia Plugins normal normal defect (bug) has-patch 10/01/15
#33526 Inconsistent user creation in multisite olivier.lacroix Login and Registration normal normal defect (bug) 08/24/15
#33527 Inconsistent experience for account creation in multisite olivier.lacroix Login and Registration normal normal defect (bug) 08/24/15
#33553 Bug with Linebreak before figcaption, fixed and then revert to make a fix elsewhere hughie.molloy Formatting normal normal defect (bug) 08/26/15
#33571 Improvements for plugin upgrades when disk space runs out (or other write failure) DavidAnderson Upgrade/Install normal normal defect (bug) 11/18/15
#33580 Having xdebug enabled causes wordpress tests to hang because bootstrap.php calls php directly using system() aussieguy123 Build/Test Tools normal normal defect (bug) 08/28/15
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