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#45764 new defect (bug)

blog page and homepage the same list pages and not posts

Reported by: BackuPs Owned by:
Milestone: Awaiting Review Priority: normal
Severity: normal Version: 5.0.2
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I don't know when this was changed but if you set the same page as blog page aswell as your homepage the website starts listing pages on that blog and home page and not posts.

Why was this changed and when?

Thanks for any advice.

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#1 @fahimmurshed
12 months ago

I think your theme has a problem!

Can you please attach the problem screenshot?

Explain more.

#2 @BackuPs
12 months ago

Really? You are kidding right? LOL

Just so you know: I tried the default wordpress theme 20-17 and it has the issue. This is what i tested before reporting the problem.

Just create a page called xxxxx with no content at all and set it as your default blog page and also as the default homepage in the wp reading settings and you will see a page list in the homepage and not a post list.



if i only set the page as the blog page it is also not listing any posts anymore.

If i only set it as the home page it is also not listing any posts any more.

I think there is something seriously wrong with wp. It is only listing posts when you dont set any default home page and default blog page.

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#3 @fahimmurshed
12 months ago

I am not kidding with you :)

You can't set the same page at the time on homepage and blogpage

Watch this video: https://streamable.com/t8ut0


#4 @BackuPs
12 months ago


I am sorry but i have the feeling that you are not reading what my issue is or trying to understand the problem if i read your answers.

Because wp gives you a WARNING message that the pages set in the reading settings should not be the same does not mean that it does not work and that you can't do so. You could and can do so. And if you did you got a list of posts when you opened that page.

If you can't then build in a check and if somebody does this then just don't save one of them and revert one of the two back to -- select -- instead of displaying a warning message.

There are two issues in my report here about WP 5.0.2 !

1) Before in earlier versions 4.9.x when you did set both to the same page, the homepage just listed the posts when you did so. Now it is listing the pages. Why? Apparently you can set them the same as you get some result but different then before. I dont want to see the pages. I want to see the posts like it used to be before in wp 4.9x.

My question is why am i getting the pages listed in my homepage and not the posts when i set the Home Page and Blog Page the same?

Why did WP change this behaviour? What reason can WP have to do this? I am not saying this is a bug as WP changed this behaviour.

But if you can't set them the same why is it showing me a page list and not a post list like before? Apparently something changed for a reason ! Which one?

2) (Read carefully as this is a bug in my opinion and a different problem) Before if you only set any page to the Post Page and left the Home page to -- Select --, the Blog Page, when viewed in the front of your website, showed you a list of posts...... What do you get now in WP 5.0.2? Nothing ! No posts at all. This is incorrect. This used to work also correctly in wp 4.9.x !

It is not about what you can't, It's about what you could and can and what is shown. I want to see the posts in both cases ( 1) and 2) ) like it worked before in previous wp versions.

WP users sometimes set these settings and when they do, the info should be consistent and show the same like it did since day one of WP: It showed the posts !

I came across this issue because people where complaining about getting the wrong results. So i tested it with the theme they where using and saw the problem. Then of course i started testing with the default themes to rule out any issues with the theme they where using and i got the same results. Even the default WP themes have the issue now.

So i believe it is not a theme issue (the easy, without testing, answer i guess), but a wp issue. Try to understand the problem here and try not to focus about what you can't and should not do because of a warning message in the admin area.

Before it always worked correctly and now it does not anymore. Something has changed and I wonder what and want to know why? If you can't set the same then why suddenly change the behaviour of the results? That does not make any sense. If it's not allowed to make them the same then why even bother changing the code?

I would like to know if there is a fix to have the correct results like it used to work in previous wp versions and a fix for issue 2) as that i believe is a BUG !

It is as really simple as that.

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