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#26571 new defect (bug)

Increase flexibility of "At a Glance" Dashboard Widget to match "Right Now" Widget

Reported by: mrwweb Owned by:
Milestone: Awaiting Review Priority: normal
Severity: normal Version: 3.8
Component: Administration Keywords: has-patch
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Following the changes in #26495, the "At a Glance" Dashboard widget is now much less flexible for extending.

Primarily, the issue is the new dashboard_glance_items filter which is significantly less flexible than the previous collection of actions.

Two main issues:

  1. The filter forces all items to be in a single list along with the core "glance items."
  2. The filter does not add any classes to added list items, making them impossible to style.

This last issue is particularly bad, since a class is required to change the icon associated with a list item in the "At a Glance" list.

Here's a use case for why a more flexible filter or an action following the list but before Version and Privacy info is important from my plugin Post Status Menu Items:


Note the separate list and list-item icons. To get that at the present time, I had to hack out of the existing list with an empty list item in the first list and a new empty list with one empty item at the end:

<li class="comment-count"><a href="edit-comments.php">28 Comments</a></li>

<h4>Post Statuses</h4>
<ul class="ps-post-statuses">
<li class="publish-status-post-count">...
...<a href="http://localhost/wp3.6/wp-admin/edit.php?post_status=trash">1 Trash</a></li>

At a bare minimum, the filter should allow for classes, and the ability to create multiple lists would be even better.

There is a rightnow_end action, but it comes after the version and privacy information which feels like a "footer" to me.

The easiest solution for allowing separate lists and wouldn't require reverting #26495 would be to simply add an action following the closing tag of the At a Glance list. Then the dashboard_glance_items could just be extended a bit to add unique classes for styling.

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dashboard.diff (486 bytes) - added by nerrad 14 months ago.
tweak dashboard_glance_items filter
dashboard.2.diff (475 bytes) - added by nerrad 14 months ago.
tweak dashboard_glance_items filter

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comment:1 @toscho15 months ago

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comment:2 @theMikeD15 months ago

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comment:3 follow-up: @Latz15 months ago

Today I was confronted with this problem, too. Though I haven't any really good solution I managed to at least avoid the empty list items by using the filter as an action (this is a hack after all):

add_filter('dashboard_glance_items', 'addElements');

function addElements() {
    echo '<li class="mytest"><a href="#">Users</a></li>';

No clean code at all but it does the job.

comment:4 in reply to: ↑ 3 ; follow-up: @toscho15 months ago

Replying to Latz:

function addElements() {

You should at least return the original array. Your current hack makes things worse by removing all previously registered items. :)

comment:5 in reply to: ↑ 4 ; follow-up: @Latz15 months ago

Replying to toscho:
Of course you're right, Toscho's always right :-). Just for the record:

add_filter('dashboard_glance_items', 'addElements');

function addElements($elements) {
    echo '<li class="mytest">' . '<a href="#"> Users</a>' . '</li>';
    return $elements;

This way?

comment:6 in reply to: ↑ 5 @mrwweb15 months ago

Replying to Latz:

Replying to toscho:
Of course you're right, Toscho's always right :-). Just for the record:

This isn't really the place to discuss hacks. (But while we're at it, here's what I'm doing. Empty list elements before and after but still technically using the filter.)

Getting this back on track... What do we need to remedy this situation so that we have roughly the same amount of flexibility as previously?

I'd propose:

  1. A dashboard_glance_items_after action that runs immediately after the </ul> of the glance items list.
  2. A modified dashboard_glance_items filter that can handle classes. I assume that would be by passing an array. Either array( '{class}' => '{list item html}' OR array( 'class' => '{class}', 'li' => '{list item html}'.

So questions:

  1. Any objections to change 1 above? (name, placement, use case)
  2. Does anyone have examples of a similar filter somewhere else in core to model this after? There was talk in #26495 of passing the core list items to the filter as well which would need to be considered.
  3. How much do we need to consider backwards compatibility for 3.8? Seeing that #26495 ignored it for ALL PREVIOUS VERSIONS, I'm tempted to say "not much" but a second opinion would be good.

I've never submitted a patch before but I'll step up on this one if people can help me think through the best route for the filter.

comment:7 @Latz15 months ago

1) The action is a good idea to be able to do arbitrary stuff.

2) I like the array( 'class' => '{class}', 'li' => '{list item html} ) pattern better because using the class as the key name like in the first pattern you've proposed is not very intuitive in my mind.
Secondly I would not use the key name "li" since it assumes that the markup uses a list. This may change in the future. I would suggest "item" or "content":array( 'item' => '{item html}, 'class' => '{class}' )

Your questions:
1) No objections.
2) Looked through the filters and couldn't find anything similar.
3) Same opinion. Additionally all usages of the current filter forces merely hacks like the examples above.

comment:8 @viktor-photo14 months ago

Please advise, what do you think about this "temporary" solution:

add_action( 'dashboard_glance_items', 'cor_right_now_content_table_end' );
function cor_right_now_content_table_end() {
    $args = array(
        'public' => true,
        '_builtin' => false
    $output = 'object';
    $operator = 'and';
    $post_types = get_post_types( $args, $output, $operator );
    foreach ( $post_types as $post_type ) {
        $num_posts = wp_count_posts( $post_type->name );
        $num = number_format_i18n( $num_posts->publish );
        $text = _n( $post_type->labels->singular_name, $post_type->labels->name, intval( $num_posts->publish ) );
        if ( current_user_can( 'edit_posts' ) ) {
            $output = '<a href="edit.php?post_type=' . $post_type->name . '">' . $num . '&nbsp;' . $text . '</a>';
        echo '<li class="post-count ' . $post_type->name . '-count">' . $output . '</li>';
    $taxonomies = get_taxonomies( $args, $output, $operator );
    foreach ( $taxonomies as $taxonomy ) {
        $num_terms = wp_count_terms( $taxonomy->name );
        $num = number_format_i18n( $num_terms );
        $text = _n( $taxonomy->labels->singular_name, $taxonomy->labels->name, intval( $num_terms ) );
        if ( current_user_can( 'manage_categories' ) ) {
            $output = '<a href="edit-tags.php?taxonomy=' . $taxonomy->name . '">' . $num . '&nbsp;' . $text . '</a>';
        echo '<li class="taxonomy-count ' . $taxonomy->name . '-count">' . $output . '</li>';
// Add Some CSS to "At a Glance" Widget
function custom_colors() {
    echo '<style type="text/css">
        .slides-count a:before {content:"\f233"!important}
        .gallery-count a:before {content:"\f163"!important}
add_action('admin_head', 'custom_colors');

@nerrad14 months ago

tweak dashboard_glance_items filter

comment:9 @nerrad14 months ago

  • Cc drenobi@… added
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I second adding an action right after the filter so users can add stuff in there to separate up content.

However, the existing filter just needs a slight tweak to allow the ability to add classes. See my patch as added (dashboard.diff)

@nerrad14 months ago

tweak dashboard_glance_items filter

comment:10 @nerrad14 months ago

woops ignore dashboard.diff - has extra unneeded li items.

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