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These tickets have been marked as being a "good first bug" for new contributors.

First bugs aren't necessarily "easy," though some are. These bugs are meant to be well-contained. They are designed to help get you familiar with WordPress core code, processes, and contributing, not send you down a rabbit hole for days on end. Whoever marked the ticket likely explained in the ticket why they did so, giving you a good starting point from which to work.

The person who marked the ticket as a "good first bug" — as well as other members of the community — will help you through this ticket by providing feedback along the way. Start by getting a handle on the problem, verifying that you can reproduce it, drawing up a plan of attack, and then creating a patch.

The Core Contributor Handbook should have some good reference materials for you, including an overview of the codebase, coding standards, how we use our bug tracker, and various tutorials and guides like setting up a development environment and creating patches.

If you're not a contributor who is just starting out, please find one of the hundreds of other bugs to patch!

If this report is running low or nothing catches your eye, try this report of tickets that need a patch. If you like unit tests, you can check out how automated testing is set up in the handbook, then browse the tickets that need unit tests. Or, if you want to contribute by testing patches, here are some patches that have been marked as specifically needing testing.

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Unclaimed — jump right in! (40 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Milestone Type Modified Workflow
#42254 Duplicate news entries in Events & News dashboard widget Administration 5.0 defect (bug) 12/13/17 has-patch
#42543 Minor type in class-wp-editor.php Editor 5.0 defect (bug) 12/01/17 has-patch
#42578 PHP functions inside <p> tags creates new <p> tag, breaking the parent tag into two. Formatting 4.9.2 defect (bug) 12/15/17 needs-patch
#42886 Disable autocapitalize for the user login field on wp-login.php Login and Registration 5.0 enhancement 12/14/17 has-patch
#42535 Remove checkered background for icons in Attachment Details Media 5.0 defect (bug) 11/23/17 has-patch
#41155 WordPress 4.8 Admin Sidebar Sub Menu Navigation Issue Administration Awaiting Review defect (bug) 09/13/17 has-patch
#42651 Code within a field description should not be italic Administration Awaiting Review enhancement 11/21/17 has-patch
#42421 Move "Filter by" strings into labels arrays of registrations Administration Awaiting Review enhancement 11/03/17 needs-patch
#41580 Review the usage of the `::-moz-focus-inner` CSS fix for the buttons extra padding in Firefox Administration Awaiting Review enhancement 08/19/17 has-patch
#42791 wp_add_dashboard_widget() should accept location and priority parameters Administration Awaiting Review enhancement 12/04/17 needs-patch
#42380 Add comment url filter to comment list table Comments Awaiting Review enhancement 12/08/17 has-patch
#41545 Allow cmd/ctrl-enter to submit comment forms Comments Awaiting Review enhancement 08/08/17 has-patch
#42379 Add a "Mine" filter to the Comments screen Comments Awaiting Review feature request 10/31/17 has-patch
#35968 wp_reschedule_event timestamp overridden when set in the future Cron API Awaiting Review defect (bug) 09/15/17 has-patch
#42409 Add LIKE support to meta_key comparisons in WP_Meta_Query Database Awaiting Review enhancement 11/29/17 has-patch, needs-unit-tests
#41428 Editor: long URLs are not broken in notifications Editor Future Release defect (bug) 11/12/17 needs-patch
#42729 Permit use of 'text-transform' in safecss_filter_attr() Editor Future Release enhancement 11/30/17 has-patch, needs-unit-tests
#13867 New filter for comment RSS feed's title Feeds Future Release enhancement 09/03/17 has-patch
#8828 Tags and Categories are undifferentiable in Atom and RSS feeds Feeds Future Release enhancement 06/28/17 has-patch
#31521 wp_title if archive of year w/o permalink fires php notice in locale.php General Future Release defect (bug) 09/01/17 has-patch
#42742 Add a has_errors() method to WP_Error General Awaiting Review enhancement 11/29/17 needs-patch, needs-unit-tests
#38073 Deprecate and replace wp_reset_vars() General Awaiting Review enhancement 08/23/17 has-patch
#41756 Document arrays of a known type as such General Awaiting Review enhancement 12/03/17 needs-patch
#42186 Ability to pass hostname/url to https_ssl_verify filter HTTP API Awaiting Review enhancement 11/02/17 has-patch
#42888 Add a "Show" button next to password fields on mobile Login and Registration Awaiting Review enhancement 12/13/17 needs-patch
#36308 get_attached_file() destroys file paths on Windows Media Awaiting Review defect (bug) 10/23/17 has-patch, needs-unit-tests
#42156 Adjust the inline docs for get_sites() to avoid WP_Site_Query doc-duplication Networks and Sites Awaiting Review enhancement 10/09/17 has-patch
#38197 Update Pingback function To Add Return Pings/Trackbacks Future Release enhancement 10/04/17 has-patch
#36085 Add action hook to get_inline_data() Posts, Post Types Awaiting Review enhancement 08/07/17 has-patch
#23022 Always set posts to draft status when untrashing Posts, Post Types Future Release enhancement 11/02/17 has-patch
#41266 Not hard coding the table alias prefix in WP_Meta_Query would make class more extendable Query Awaiting Review enhancement 11/22/17 has-patch
#42883 Use sargable queries for date-based lookups for posts Query Future Release enhancement 12/13/17 needs-patch
#40838 REST API: Inconsistent parameter type handling in `set_param()` REST API Future Release defect (bug) 12/06/17 has-patch
#41554 REST API: Use `wp.apiRequest` helper to build URLs for media embed requests REST API Awaiting Review enhancement 08/03/17 needs-patch
#37941 add rel="noopener noreferrer" to any target="_blank" Security Awaiting Review enhancement 11/22/17 needs-patch
#41314 If the required fields are not set on user profile's save, every field's value will be dropped Users Awaiting Review defect (bug) 07/22/17 has-patch
#41937 Change name of "wp-settings-" and "wp-settings-time-" cookie Users Awaiting Review enhancement 11/16/17 has-patch
#41672 REST create user: existing_user_login is returned before existing_user_email Users Awaiting Review enhancement 12/03/17 has-patch
#42001 Active Widget Not Fully Visible Widgets Awaiting Review defect (bug) 10/29/17 has-patch
#30359 Widget Areas should stick to the browser viewport Widgets Future Release enhancement 12/05/17 needs-patch

Tickets with a contributor working on them. (60 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Milestone Type Modified Workflow
#41858 Improve the list table pagination links color contrast Administration 5.0 defect (bug) 12/13/17 has-patch
#41112 Show WordCamps higher up in the News Dashboard widget Administration 5.0 enhancement 12/15/17 has-patch
#16979 Extra hooks needed in comment process Comments 5.0 enhancement 12/11/17 has-patch
#35465 Improve wp.Backbone docs General 5.0 enhancement 11/24/17 needs-patch
#42480 Consistent suppression of `getimagesize()` errors Media 4.9.2 defect (bug) 12/07/17 has-patch
#40947 Backward compatability _sort_nav_menu_items Menus 5.0 defect (bug) 11/23/17 has-patch
#42321 Menu title field does not clear invalid class Menus 5.0 defect (bug) 12/01/17 has-patch
#42135 Add filter to disable email sent by wp-admin/network/site-new.php Networks and Sites 5.0 enhancement 11/27/17 has-patch
#42134 Add filter to emails sent by wp-admin/network/site-new.php Networks and Sites 5.0 enhancement 11/27/17 has-patch
#42745 Pass $attachment_id to intermediate_image_sizes_advanced filter Post Thumbnails 5.0 enhancement 12/13/17 needs-patch
#42402 When viewing a revision with show_split_view set to false, the title is still shown in two columns Revisions 5.0 defect (bug) 12/08/17 has-patch
#42133 Add filter to emails sent by wp_new_blog_notification() Upgrade/Install 5.0 enhancement 11/27/17 has-patch
#42132 Add filter to emails sent by wp-admin/user-new.php Users 5.0 enhancement 11/27/17 has-patch
#42766 Issue in update password From admin side and login ith same password Administration Awaiting Review defect (bug) 12/11/17 has-patch, needs-unit-tests
#35166 strange effect in tab active Administration Future Release defect (bug) 06/26/17 has-patch
#40244 Inconsistent casing in the list table select filters Administration Awaiting Review enhancement 06/26/17 has-patch
#38238 Sorting a list table by some kind of count should default to DESC initially Administration Awaiting Review enhancement 06/11/17 has-patch
#17851 Wrapping Sections with add_settings_section Administration Future Release enhancement 12/04/16 has-patch, needs-unit-tests
#27671 wp_die() handler for admin-post.php Administration Future Release enhancement 12/04/16 has-patch
#27888 Feature request: `get_current_admin_url()` and `get_current_admin_hook()` Administration Awaiting Review feature request 06/26/17 has-patch, needs-unit-tests
#36346 Twenty Sixteen/Fifteen/Thirteen/Twelve titles can lead to horizontal scrolls Bundled Theme Future Release defect (bug) 06/26/17 has-patch
#30439 Twenty Fourteen: Social Menu Bundled Theme Future Release feature request 06/26/17 has-patch
#37826 Can't manage comments of trashed posts Comments Future Release defect (bug) 10/06/16 has-patch
#40188 Filter button should not appear when no comments are available in list Comments Awaiting Review defect (bug) 09/30/17 has-patch
#40916 Add "noreferrer" to comments in dashboard Comments Awaiting Review enhancement 06/26/17 has-patch
#37873 Consolidate customizer CSS Customize Future Release defect (bug) 10/12/17 needs-patch
#40862 Partially visible controls within a pane do not scroll into view Customize Future Release enhancement 12/11/17 has-patch
#32228 "Page updated" notification should fade as soon as another change is made. Editor Awaiting Review enhancement 06/26/17 has-patch
#35567 New argument `is_embeddable` for `register_post_type()` Embeds Future Release enhancement 06/18/16 has-patch
#31502 Replace embed URL with error message if oEmbed provider returns an error Embeds Awaiting Review enhancement 06/07/16 has-patch
#22101 Gallery shortcode with link="file" is not linking the file in the RSS feed Feeds Awaiting Review defect (bug) 09/28/17 has-patch
#33591 Media File Missing Length Causes Wordpress Atom Feed to Be Invalid Feeds Future Release defect (bug) 09/19/17 has-patch
#36036 Multiple CDATA regressions in wp-includes General Future Release defect (bug) 03/16/16 has-patch
#36827 Regular expression in wp_guess_url() is slightly too permissive. General Future Release defect (bug) 07/25/16 has-patch
#33387 get_file_data() should handle a <?php prefixed header General Future Release defect (bug) 06/07/16 has-patch
#37280 Remove boldness from update notices General Future Release enhancement 12/04/16 has-patch
#35188 Pass nonce action from "nonce_life" filter General Awaiting Review feature request 06/28/16 has-patch
#17146 Don't limit screen meta tab CSS to content within #screen-meta Help/About Future Release enhancement 10/02/16 has-patch
#14981 Provide a context for post statuses I18N Future Release defect (bug) 05/18/17 has-patch
#36259 Switching language should update date and time formats I18N Future Release defect (bug) 06/26/17 has-patch
#32939 Add filter for get_locale() in remove_accents() I18N Future Release enhancement 06/26/17 has-patch
#40361 Improvements for wp-signup.php and wp-activate.php markup and CSS Login and Registration Future Release defect (bug) 06/26/17 has-patch
#40605 Remove login form on checkemail=confirm screen Login and Registration Future Release enhancement 10/08/17 has-patch
#31029 Allow 0 columns in gallery settings Media Future Release defect (bug) 06/28/16 has-patch
#30154 Improve Media Modal UI at small-screen sizes: Redux Media Future Release defect (bug) 04/11/17 has-patch
#38221 Incorrect page id/name search blocks future searches Media Awaiting Review defect (bug) 08/27/17 has-patch
#41675 Add filter to bypass display/query for Media Months filter in media modal Media Awaiting Review enhancement 09/15/17 needs-patch
#32544 No function exposes all supported MIME types Media Awaiting Review enhancement 06/07/16 has-patch
#40130 On mobile make media search full width Media Future Release enhancement 07/10/17 has-patch
#17262 wp_get_attachment_thumb_file should check new 'thumbnail' image size Media Future Release enhancement 06/19/16 needs-patch, needs-unit-tests
#28620 When $depth argument is used in wp_nav_menu last level menu items still have .menu-item-has-children class, even though they are not shown Menus Future Release defect (bug) 10/11/16 has-patch
#19272 Add Filter to Nav Menu Support Themes Text Menus Future Release enhancement 06/26/17 has-patch
#39213 Audit the network pages notices. Networks and Sites Awaiting Review defect (bug) 11/21/17 has-patch
#40363 Remove `current_blog_` cache invalidation from `clean_blog_cache()` Networks and Sites Awaiting Review defect (bug) 07/17/17 has-patch
#41166 .htaccess config should not be shown on network setup screen when Nginx is in use Networks and Sites Future Release enhancement 07/28/17 has-patch
#40353 Site URL and Home URL inputs are not properly validating Options, Meta APIs Awaiting Review defect (bug) 07/29/17 has-patch
#32322 Custom permalink structure incorrect for Future posts Permalinks Awaiting Review defect (bug) 06/23/17 has-patch, needs-unit-tests
#21941 Deprecate get_post_format_slugs() Post Formats Future Release enhancement 06/10/16 has-patch
#23749 Post Format Archive Conditional Tag Post Formats Future Release enhancement 02/05/17 has-patch, needs-unit-tests
#19826 Error behavior for deleting trashed posts is different for Bulk Delete versus Empty Trash Posts, Post Types Future Release defect (bug) 09/14/15 has-patch
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